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  • Track athletes-turned-football players a fruitful experiment for Oregon and beyond

    Oregon has never been a school to shy away from experimentation over the years.  From being one of the first schools to utilize pre-snap motion in the 1940s (known as “Oliver’s Twist,” named after head coach Tex Oliver), to the edge defense in the 90s, …

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  • Four days to kickoff, and the plot lines are now about football

    Finally we have actual football to talk about rather than endless speculation or off-field misery. The Ducks and Tigers play the first big game of the 2011 college football season in four days. Chip Kelly and his coaches and players, are in a normal game-week …

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  • Less than a week.

    With less than a week to go, the excitement in Eugene is palpable.  At restaurants and coffee shops alike the talk is all the same.  Will the Ducks crush LSU now that they are missing key players? Will Oregon be able to keep up with …

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  • Time for Kelly and Ducks to show own adjustments

    In college football, you don’t want to get a bad rap. It’ll start messing with players’ heads. It’ll be heard in recruits’ homes. It’ll infiltrate columnists’ laptops. The Oregon Ducks went underground this past week, preparing in earnest for the huge LSU matchup on Saturday …

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  • Closed practices sound strategy, but death for a fan blog

    Chip Kelly’s decision to close practices makes sense from a competitive standpoint. The Ducks are working on wrinkles, innovations and subtle changes to their offense for LSU, and with the blogosphere, Twitterverse, cell cameras and loose lips out there, no sense giving anything that Les …

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  • FishWrap Friday Game 1 Preview: Oregon vs. LSU (Part 3: Linebackers, Chavis, and the Nickel Defense)

    7 days until the season begins, and despite controversy from coast to coast, there will be football on September 3rd. In the finale of this 3 part preview, first, we will have to go back and have a painful review of the National Championship game. …

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  • Duck games on the Deck.

    Like most Duck fans, I’ve had my share of game experiences at Autzen Stadium.  I’ve cheered on the team, reveled in the victories and suffered through the losses, tailgated with friends before and after in the parking lots through rain or shine.  But my perspective …

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  • Family Connections Run Deep at Oregon

    The Oregon Ducks football team is a family. This is something stated often, the family atmosphere that surrounds the football program and its connection to the community.  It’s an easy thing to claim, but difficult to fully comprehend until seen first-hand. It starts at the …

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  • Interview with an SEC honk

    Kevin, the chief writer and editor of College Football Zealots, a southern-leaning football blog that covers the nation, sent me an email the other day with six questions on the Ducks: 1. Oregon has to replace a lot of starters on the front seven of …

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  • A Call For Respect And Composure As The LSU Matchup Draws Near

    Football is a beautiful game, complex in nature and thrilling to watch.  It is also an ugly game, one that pulls at every emotion while brutally wreaking havoc on the body physically and mentally.  For the participants, they work year round for that opportunity to …

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