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  • I.C. really clearly now: A 12-1 regular season

    “So much for elbow room,” says my friend I.C. Green as we watch Oregon’s morning practice wind down from the soccer stands at Kilkenny Field. “I remember when there were only three or four of us at fall camp. Rich Brooks used to come over …

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  • Football’s losing war on marijuana

    Tennessee Titans backup quarterback Chris Simms has pleaded not guilty to driving while under the influence of illicit drugs, in this case marijuana. On Tuesday, in a lower Manhattan court room, a police officer told jurors that on July 1, 2010, at around 1:00 a.m., …

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  • FishWrap Friday Game 1 Preview: Oregon vs. LSU (Part 2: Almost Certainly Biased Analysis)

    Well here we go, we’re under 2 million seconds (1,296,000) until football season starts, and the tension continues to build as we wait for the Ducks to take the field in Dallas. LSU Defense Let’s just jump right into it; the biggest point of debate …

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  • Cantu’s Oregon career a cautionary tale in the recruiting hype

    He tore the labrum in the third week of summer workouts in 2008, getting tangled up with a safety. It was never completely right after that. He greyshirted that year, enrolled Winter Term of 2009. He shined in Spring Practice, nabbing three balls for 111 …

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  • The 1989 Independence Bowl: How Oregon Overcame Years Of Losing Thanks To An Old Pair Of Shoes

    It had been a time of great suffering, 26 years to be exact, since Oregon had last played in a bowl game. There had been opportunities, but the heartbreaking trend known as “Duck-Luck” repeatedly reared its ugly head preventing Oregon from elevating itself above the …

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  • What I wish LSU and SEC fans understood about Oregon football

    It’s inevitable when you write about football for a passionate audience, and the team you cover plays in a big intersectional game: the flamers come out of the woodwork. What I can’t stand are the big-bellied guffaws and quick assumptions, stuff like “y’all don’t understand that football …

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  • Is It Football Season Yet?

    I find myself asking this question way too often these days, “is it football season yet?”  Like a scratched record or kid in the backseat on a family roadtrip, this line gets repeated far too often as the clock winds painfully slow towards kickoff. If …

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  • The Fish Report: First Scrimmage!

    In Oregon we have our natural cycle of summer transformations, of the warmth with the lush green vegetation everywhere that will begin to change. We see the geese begin going south, and we now see Duck fans flocking to Eugene to live the beginning of …

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  • It’s a new stage for former Duck cheerleader Katelynn Johnson

    Katelynn Johnson can still be spotted on the sidelines of football stadiums. Her infectious laugh remains. So does her unflagging energy. But no more pom-poms. No more whipping up the home crowd. No more green and yellow and black and gray (at least not in …

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  • Will Oregon be ready for LSU?

    meme – an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture, analagous to the way genes spread biological information. Ad nauseam – a Latin term used to describe an argument which has been continuing “to [the point of] nausea”. “The …

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