Monthly Archive: October 2011

Not exactly ‘Autzen-worthy’ 0

Not exactly ‘Autzen-worthy’

The game is nearing the end of the opening quarter Saturday when my old friend I.C. Green begins whispering to me. A whisper. In Autzen Stadium. Oregon is leading Washington State 8-0 thanks to a blocked punt returned for a...

Why We Say ‘Neu-Weasel’ 0

Why We Say ‘Neu-Weasel’

Rick Neuheisel may not ever coach a game against the Ducks again. You might recognize his Bruins from any number of recent uninspiring performances such as last Thursday, where they were blasted on ESPN by a newly Stoops-less Arizona team...

FishWrap Friday Game 7 Preview: Oregon @ Colorado 0

FishWrap Friday Game 7 Preview: Oregon @ Colorado

Yawn, the pro offense is so boring isn’t it?   [tubepress video=”PQ4mIfC6qyU” embeddedWidth=’534′ embeddedHeight=’314′ title=”false” length=”false”]   Predictions: Colorado didn’t have the horses to keep up with an ever-improving Oregon team before all the injuries, and now, they definitely don’t....