Ducks & Huskies: A View From The Stands

On Saturday, I set out from Eugene and made the drive up I-5 to watch the Ducks turn out the lights on old Husky Stadium. Historically, this had been one of the most difficult places to play for the Ducks, and many other Pac-10 teams. I had mixed emotions about this game going in, as the Ducks had battled with a bad WSU team, while Washington was coming off of a big win. I had a feeling after the Washington Stanford game that the Dawgs still did not have what it would take to stop the Ducks or outscore them, and I was happy to see that this was the case. I just didn’t want to listen to histerical Husky fans if the Ducks would have lost.


The Ducks now own an 8 game winning streak in the series. To many Duck fans that followed the team prior to 2003, this accomplishment by the Ducks has been incredible an unbelievable to watch! I felt very fortunate on this night to be in the stands with good friends, and many, many more disappointed Husky fans.


Here is a recap of the very long day:


0637-currently 42 degrees, dark & raining. A little warmer than the forecast for the game tonight. A sign of things to come? All packed up, gassed up and headed for I-5 North. Go Ducks! Bring on the Dawgs!!!


0706- Listened to to the opening of ESPN Gameday on the radio live from Tuscaloosa and the Alabama LSU game. Rocked out to “Comin’ to your City”. Would still love to see a rematch against that LSU team!


0732- Daylight starting to come through. Sadly, it reveals only a rainy I-5 and Albany.


0908- Picking up a straggling friend in Portland. Still raining. 3 hours to Seattle, here we go!


1026- Rest stop 116 miles from Seattle. Loaded with Duck fans.


1240- Welcome to Seattle!- Traffic that is. Dead stop. Nice views of Safeco field and “the Clink” from the freeway though. So much for the rain theory. It is sunny and beautiful here.


1303- Arrived in time to see Stanford lose a TE to injury and go up 7-0 over the Beavs. Could be a factor against the Ducks next week? Got to take care of business against the Huskies here first!  Clear skies up here. Time to open a ‘beverage’ and take in the Space needle and Dowtown skyline views from a friends house on Highland Drive.




1650- Drumsticks and flat iron steaks on the grill. Weather is getting colder, time to unpack the long johns. Beavers lose, Alabama LSU at 0-0.


1822- In a cab headed to Husky stadium. This driver would be a great one to have on ‘The Amazing Race’.  Zig-Zagging our way through traffic, almost to Husky Stadium.


Making our way through all of these purple people. Lets Go DUCKS!


1928- Arrived at our seats, have been barked at from a lot more than one person over the age of 50. Grown men and women barking like dogs at other people is a weird tradition.


The view


1st Quarter- Ducks will kickoff to start the game.


1st Quarter- Interception! Eddie Pleasant.


1st Quarter- LaMichael James TOUCHDOWN!! That looked easy. Less Barking now.


1st Quarter- Ducks get the ball back, but the ball slips out of Darron’s hand. Fumble recovered by the Huskies. More barking…


1st Quarter- Huskies only get a FG out of it. Oregon Defense is swarming! 7-3 Ducks.


1st Quarter- FG Oregon. Nice kick by Maldonado. 10-3 Ducks.


2nd Quarter- Another interception by Pleasant!


2nd Quarter- Touchdown David Paulson. Short pass from DT. 17-3


2nd Quarter- Touchdown Huskies. booo. Here come the comments from our purple neighbors. “How many National Championships do you have?” “When was the last time you won a Rose Bowl” etc… 17-10 Ducks.


Halftime- 17-10 Ducks. Missed field goal at the buzzer. Huskies used all 3 time outs to “ice” Maldonado.


3rd Quarter- Like a hot knife through butter. Ducks get the ball and march down field. 90 yard drive. TD Oregon, Kenjon Barner run. 24-10 Ducks.


3rd Quarter- Huskies go for it on 4th down and don’t get it. Gutsy (/DUMB) call by ‘Sark’. Husky fan behind me: “Why don’t they give it to Chris Polk and let him run them over!” Umm, because they have tried that. Polk up the middle hasn’t worked at all. Surprisingly stingy defense for the Ducks today. They have been all over the Dawgs!


3rd Quarter- After an Oregon punt, Huskies get the ball back and score. Nice pass in the corner. Looked incomplete from up here! 24-17 Ducks. Side note: Husky fans really like celebrating 1st downs. So much in fact, that a rather large group of Husky faithful have taken the intiative, and are making sure that we are aware of each one, and even point in the direction their team is going. SO helpful!


3rd Quarter- Here comes the noise from the Husky fans. Sort of like Autzen, only MUCH quieter. They do like to stomp on the stands alot though and bark like dogs. This is a covert video I shot which turned out pretty dark: (this guy did this until 6 minutes to go in the 4th quarter)



3rd Quarter-Terrance Mitchell takes the ball away from a Husky reciever. THAT was a big play!


3rd Quarter- HUGE catch by David Paulson on 3rd down. 34 yards, and you can hear the Duck fans cheering. Just like in ’09 here, David Paulson is a Husky killer!


3rd Quarter- And a Touchdown, DeAnthony Thomas. Nice option pitch by DT. Way to quiet the crowd! Again.. 31-17 Ducks


3rd Quarter- FG Maldonado. 34-17 DUCKS!!!


4th quarter- Huskies drop a sure TD pass, but so did the Ducks. Maldonado missed on another FG attempt. At about the 6 minute mark, Husky fans started pouring out of the stadium. Heads down, and no more barking. Nick Montana (Joe’s son, and the Huskies 2nd string QB) came in and threw an absolute bomb down the sidelines, but was pulled on the following play. The Ducks defense was huge today, with 3 turnovers and 6 sacks. The Huskies were held to only 278 yards of total offense in the game, almost 200 yards less than their season average. Chris Polk got lots of carries, but finished with only 80 yards on 24 tough carries, an anemic 3.3 yard per carry average and no touchdowns. He also caught 6 passes, but the Ducks really locked the Huskies down and rarely gave up yards after the catch.

LaMichael James, Kenjon Barner, and Deanthony Thomas all had rushing touchdowns. Outside of the odd fumble, Darron Thomas played pretty well and was not sacked. Not a very good completion percentage for him, but he sure gets it done when the Ducks need it. Hard to complain about much after a win over UW!


Finally, I tried to go out onto the field and was turned away multiple times. I politely asked the security guard at each entrance, and after 4 ‘no’s’, I finally got a ‘yes’. Made it out to track and almost to the field when we were quickly redirected back into the stands, and the security guard was subsequently disciplined for allowing us out there. I just wanted to dance on the ‘W’… Maybe at the new stadium?

Got a pic though!



The Ducks controlled this game from start to finish, and had a strong showing up here, on the road. The win tonight has put the Ducks in line for another big showdown against Stanford next weekend. Always seems that in November, the games just get bigger each week. ESPN College Gameday will be there to watch the game, and that can only mean one thing: Another win for our beloved Ducks!!



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Josh White

Josh White

Josh White has been a dedicated Duck fan since the Bill Musgrave days. He has attended (and lost his voice at) virtually every home game and many away games since the late 1980's, including 96 of the current 97 game sellout streak at Autzen Stadium. A Eugene native, Josh works full time in Eugene area real estate, helping people buy and sell residential and commercial properties, and also volunteers with Habitat For Humanity, Kidsports and Food For Lane County. He welcomes your feedback. Twitter: @WhiteHouseJosh Facebook: EugenesBestRealtor

  • Worldwidewebfoot

    What do you think about #16?

    • JoshDuck

      Hawkins? He was on the field at receiver lot in this game. A few drops kept him from having a big game, including a wide open, sure touchdown late. I don’t remember him doing this much before, so I would say he just didn’t have his best game. Remember, he has a lot of years in this system and has played QB (his original position), at running back, in the slot, and out wide as a receiver. I believe this is his last year of eligibility, so the hope here is that he continues to get on the field and contribute. He is good at making defenders miss with the ball in his hands, and showed he can get open. He also has good size and should be good with blocking down field. I trust he makes those catches more often than not. In the weeks leading up to the BCS title game, he played the role of Cam Newton for the scout team.

      • Chris Palmer

        Hawkins is only a sophomore, not a senior.  He did play quarterback until this fall, so he doesn’t have a lot of time as a WR.  He obviously did a good job at getting open, he just needs to get more time to work on his hands.  I hope he gets more reliable with his hands because he will be really dangerous with the ball in his hands

  • No video of all the Oregon fans making noise?   Im curious as to how many Duck fans were there.

  • JoshDuck

    Scott: I saw a lot of Duck fans at the game, but hardly any around us. We were in a pack of Dawgs, but found a few other Ducks near us late. Hard to guess on a number. The Duck/visitor section is in a corner of the stands, behind a track, quite a ways from the action. It looked full and you could hear them at times. That said, I wish I would have been able to capture more video, but there was also an almost constant back & forth with one or more of more than a dozen of the more vocal Husky fans.

  • JoshDuck

    Chris, you are right about Hawkins being a sophomore, not a senior. Thanks for pointing that out. My mistake, and I’m glad I was wrong! For some reason, I thought he came in ’07(???). He redshirted in ’09 so this is his 3rd season with the Ducks. I agree, with his size 6’4″ 197 and 4.82 40 speed, he could develop into another threat for the Ducks. He had pretty good games last year against Portland State and New Mexico, scoring touchdowns in each game. He led the white team in the spring game with 38 yards rushing.

  • Beautifulportland

    Thanks Josh. It was fun to read your report from Seattle. If the Dawgs would have won, we would have never heard the end of it  . . . .

    Wow 8 in a row is just unreal. I never dreamed this could happen. It seems the Huskies are starting to realize the DUCKS are for REAL! Too bad it taken them so long.


  • JoshDuck

    Marlon, I am glad you enjoyed the read, thank you for your comments. 8 in a row has a nice ring to it, but 9 sounds better! Growing up watching games in the 80’s & 90’s, it is hard to fathom. Even with the Huskies losing we barely heard the end of it from some fans. Who knows what they would have said if they won, or even had more success.

    Once their denial wore off in the 2nd half, the next stage was anger. Comments like “Chris Polk will be better than LMJ in the NFL” “Just wait until the NCAA sanctions come”, and other mindless and more colorful jabs.. Nothing better than a bunch of dejected and bitter Huskies! Go Ducks!