FishWrap Friday Game 11 Preview: USC @ Oregon

FishWrap Friday Game 11 Preview: USC @ Oregon

Josh Schlichter
Reported by Josh Schlichter on November 18, 2011
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Well, well, well, how the tables have turned. A few years ago, it would be Oregon trying to pull of the upset in this matchup, now, it’s all in favor of the Ducks, while USC is bringing a banged up, distempered and frustrated team into Autzen.
We’ll just leave the talking to the surfer boy himself, Matt Barkley:

“Autzen was very loud and very hostile,” said Barkley on his only prior trip to Eugene, OR. “Fans aren’t nice there. I like playing there just because of the environment. And, Oregon’s very good this year, but I think they were better in the past. It’ll be a different situation this year but fun nonetheless.”


There is nothing in this game that doesn’t point to the Ducks. Oregon has a defense that is now tops in the conference, and an offense that is above and beyond everyone else in the conference. This is a showcase matchup for LaMichael, DAT, and Allioti’s defense. These are the games that Oregon flourishes in (at least in conference play). Expect big points in yet another Oregon rout.
Oregon: 52
USC: 24

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  • Marlon

    Excellent scout report here Josh.

    Educational, concise, comprehensive and to the point. All done is less than 4 min. Cool soundtrack to top it off.

    Go Ducks

    • http://twitter.com/joshschlichter Josh Schlichter

      Thanks for the feedback! I am saving the Tampa-2 Breakdown (Monte Kiffin’s signature defense) for the offseason. Plenty more comprehensive breakdowns lie ahead!

  • liquidu

    Really informative breakdown on the blitzing – thanks for that.

    I am still pretty hesitant about this site though in a lot of ways. What is with all the talk about pretty boy Barkley? I mean granted I think he’s a douche. But i thought that’s not what this site was about? I feel like it undermines the legitimacy of your video. Just a thought.

    • http://twitter.com/joshschlichter Josh Schlichter

      I apologize for that…I didn’t think it would be too much of a distraction, but I’ll take note of that in the future.