FishWrap Friday Game 9 Preview: Oregon @ UW

Offense is king in Washington, how can the Ducks stop Keith Price, and “the best running back in the PAC 12 despite LaMichael having better stats even with his injury”? The answer is simple, they’ll outscore the Huskies and their dynamic “multiple-set” attack.

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Oregon and UW will trade blows for the greater portion of the game, and the added environment of the twilight of Husky Stadium’s original incarnation will keep Washington in this game until the end. The place will be rocking, and Oregon will get two key stops and go ahead by two possessions late.

Ducks sneak by the Huskies:

Oregon: 57

Washington: 45

Remember to tune in next week for the Stanford breakdown of epic proportions!

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Josh Schlichter

Josh Schlichter

Josh is a College Football enthusiast from sunny Southern California. He has written for several self-operated prep sports blogs, as well as multiple SB Nation sites. In High School, Josh played football for four years, and helped create and operate the team's no-huddle system. Most of Josh's football knowledge branches from watching College Football his entire life, and is backed up by his first hand experience in both option and spread offenses. Above all, though, he is a proud student at the University of Oregon. @joshschlichter

  • Richard Skeen

    Good analysis and prediction Josh (good site by the way). I anticipate a game very much like the '07 Oregon win up in Seattle: close early, but as the game wore on the DUck O Line and RB's (Jonathon Stewart's coming out party) really took over and just rolled a weak UW D.

    Would love to see something similar happen….oh forget it, as a long time Duck fan what I'd really like to see is Duck TD's the first 7 touches and a 73-2 thrashing (with Cliff HArris scoring the only UW points by laughing so hard at the end of the game he runs out of the backof the end zone),