The Fish Report: Scoring on Wisconsin

It’s that time of year again, yes, it is bowl season. For the 3rd straight year, Oregon is in the BCS, and is in search of their first Rose Bowl win in 95 years.

This video will accomplish two things. It will introduce you to Wisconsin’s strengths and shortcomings, and will also give you insight into Oregon’s offense as they prepare for their matchup with the Badgers.

Wisconsin’s defense is what everyone likes to call a typical Big 10 defense. They are big, strong defenders, built to stop a team with two tight ends and a full back, running dives and power plays on every down. To put it simply, Wisconsin is a perfect fit for their conference.

[tubepress video=”R4ZrI8ph8dE” embeddedWidth=’534′ embeddedHeight=’314′ title=”false” length=”false”]


Next week, we’ll take a look at the high powered Wisconsin offense and try to find a way to stop the Badgers.


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Josh Schlichter

Josh Schlichter

Josh is a College Football enthusiast from sunny Southern California. He has written for several self-operated prep sports blogs, as well as multiple SB Nation sites. In High School, Josh played football for four years, and helped create and operate the team's no-huddle system. Most of Josh's football knowledge branches from watching College Football his entire life, and is backed up by his first hand experience in both option and spread offenses. Above all, though, he is a proud student at the University of Oregon. @joshschlichter

  • Nice report Josh.  Have you taken a look at the Nebraska game?  Nebraska was 4th in scoring and 3rd in rushing in the Big 12 and was shut down by Wisconsin.  Nebraska runs plenty of option with Martinez and Burkhead in the backfield.

    • Nebraska runs a lot of interior options, veer, speed, load options. I thought looking at a team with a lot of zone blocking schemes was appropriate.

      But yes, it was very impressive that Wisconsin stopped Nebraska, regardless of the scheme.

      That being said Nebraska has a very different scheme from Oregon.

      • You mention running the triple option in your report as way to attack Wisconsin on the perimeter.  How different is their option than ours?

        • Well, Nebraska (nor does any team IIRC) doesn’t run the straddled option, that attacks both sides of the defense, and runs more of a play side triple option or a veer that only attacks one side of the defense.

          Nebraska still doesn’t have the speed that Oregon has and it would make sense to see Chip really bust out the outside zone plays to continue to set up the triple option and play action.

  • Surfer4321

    Good job josh!

  • Charles Fischer

    Josh–that was great analysis and I believe we all learned what to look for against Wisconsin.  It makes me very proud for the site as it was informative, high quality, and I especially liked the introduction.   :)


  • dkfnintn

    I am really looking forward to how our defense matches up with their offense.  Thanks for the info guys.

  • Matthew4167

    Difference between music volume and verbal audio volume is too great. Music is loud, voice is not — adjusting one hurts the other when it comes back. Might also want to smooth-en the transition between full music and your voice — the music comes on too fast and too strong, and likewise, exits too strong too abruptly. 

    Finally, although your insights were valuable — there weren’t enough. Quite a few long breaks with no commentary and I was hoping for something to hear other than the flute in the music :)

    Keep it up — just a bit of refining to do. 

  • DickDuckWorth

    An observation I had during the Wiscy-Mich State game was that the Badgers were not just slow on defense but down right sluggish.  Its like their defense has three speeds–Slow, Darn slow and Dead Stop.  Might be stating the obvious here but watching their D in the second half I could not help but think that I had never seen a slower reacting defense in the over 50 years I have watched college and pro football.

    I dont want to get over confident and giddy here but I think the Duckies match up very very well against the Badgers.

  • GuestfromWI

    While some of the plays MSU runs may be very similar to what Oregon runs, the hurry up style of Oregon is much different than what MSU runs. Oregon will do the best they can to keep mismatches on the field and MSU will huddle between plays and that allows for the D to make adjustments. 

  • RealtimeDuck


  • Gageac

    Thanks again for another great vid. Haven’t been able to get to the boards for a few days but this was worth the wait.

  • Dirk

    Josh…I appreciate the effort..but your comment re oregons offense being a gimmick, makes the assumption that oregon’s offense actually is a gimmick, when in fact it’s based on good ol fundamentals…Blocking, deception (ball fakes), execution, and conditioning.

    The basics for Oregons offense have been around for half a century, if not longer.

    • I didn’t make that assumption at all, I’m sorry you thought I did. It is very obvious that I do not think that Chip’s offense is a gimmick, as I wouldn’t be writing for this site otherwise.