FishDuck Weekly Video Log – Episode #30 (2-19-2012)

Every week Kurt Liedtke (better known as Keeerrrttt1), co-owner of, creates video blogs (vlogs) to update all you fine folk on all things FishDuck, a free-form discussion of current events about Oregon Ducks sports and all that’s new with, with the occasional off-topics or rants.  It’s a little off-the-cuff, perhaps slightly pretentious, somewhat rambling, and hopefully entertaining…so kick back, relax, drink up, and let’s talk a little Duck sports.

The opinions expressed in these videos are strictly the opinions of Keeerrrttt1 and do not necessarily reflect the views of all involved with
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The FishDuck Weekly Video Log
Episode #30 – February 19th, 2012

Topics include:
Duck helmet (0:38), NCAA violation (1:01), Spring sports (1:59), Basketball (4:01), update (6:49), Random Tweet of the Week (10:32), Music Recommendation of the Week: SPEECH DEBELLE (10:44)

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FishDuck Staff

FishDuck Staff

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