One-on-One: TheSportsBrewery.com’s Jeromy King

One-on-One: TheSportsBrewery.com’s Jeromy King

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Reported by FishDuck Staff on March 21, 2012
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Each week FishDuck.com’s Kurt Liedtke will be speaking with current/former student athletes, other FishDuck contributors, and outside experts in a one-on-one conversation, the FishDuck.com One-On-One weekly video podcast.

This week Kurt was joined by co-founder of TheSportsBrewery.com JeromyKing, a Eugene-based sports site covering local sports and topical events with a humorous slant. Kurt and Jeromy talked about Oregon sports, including expectations for spring football, and the remarkable steps the UO has taken to elevate its entire athletic program to national prominence.

The FishDuck.com One-On-One: TheSportsBrewery.com‘s Jeromy King
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  • Phucking Hilarious

    LMAO! 2 guys fishing for failed publicity for their dead websites.