FishDuck and Keeerrrttt Examine The Spring Game

Normally every week Kurt Liedtke (better known as Keeerrrttt1), co-owner of, creates video blogs (vlogs) to update all you fine folk on all things FishDuck. HOWEVER, this week with Kurt back in Eugene, we figured why not have FishDuck and Kurt sit down and share their post-spring game thoughts on the events of this past weekend.

The FishDuck Weekly Video Log
Episode #40 – April 30th, 2012

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FishDuck Staff

FishDuck Staff

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  • Goodguyfundad

    Were you guys both suffering from sunstroke?…  ;)…  Men’s golf lost in extra holes… came in second….

    Now I’ll go listen to the rest of the show….

    Thanks guys!

    • fishduck

       Yep…saw that in the paper this morning.  When we were shooting late Sunday evening– reported us winning the Golf Pac-12, and that is what we went with.  Yep…we got burned in more ways than from the sun!

  • duckfanintn

    Hey guys,   
    Like you I’m basing this comment on just 1 glimpse in a spring game.   I feel there are a couple things worth noting.

    While Marcus clearly won the day I think the game favored his style.   I think Bryan looked like the smoother runner and got “tagged” down a couple times when he could have broke for larger gains.  Since we were playing 2 hand touch on the QB’s we really didn’t see a lot of read option which we all know is a vital part of the scheme.   Laslty, having De’Anthony and Kenjon not participate very much in the game changes the running aspect.      

    • fishduck

       Hey duckfanintn,

      I’m not sure that BB is the smoother runner as both are pretty good in that  area, but I completely agree with your other observations.  We’re going to to have fun working on the spring game breakdown which will be up next Tuesday.

  • Fkim4444

    Kurt!  Its Kim.  Your parents came to get haircuts today, and told me about your cool website.  Watched your videos and I love it!  I understand none of it, but you look great, sound very knowledgable, and seem like you are enjoying yourself.  This is a very cool thing.  

    • Thanks for checking out the site, Kim, and for the kind words. Everything we do here is about educating people, so if you don’t understand it now just poke around for a little bit and you’ll definitely learn something new.

      • Fkim4444

        Kurtis!!!!! Ok, Im showing it to Dave, who loves everything Ducks.  He’s gonna love it.  So proud of you man.  You rock.