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Now that only the elite of the elite are here I have some valuable information, just for you.  This time of year is about pageantry, bands, tailgating, and the great game of football, played by student/athletes from coast to coast.  That’s what I tell my neighbors.  You and I know something else, though.  It’s also the time of year for hauling in a pile of Presidents with some cogent beating of the point spread.

Everyone knows the obvious stuff.  Oregon went 2-0-1 against the spread (ATS) and 3-0 straight up (SU) last year when playing at home, with the total >= 59, after losing the previous game ATS.  Child’s play.  Every middle-schooler with Wi-Fi and an account with Bovada knows that.

Unnamed Youth Wagering College Fund on Dartmouth-Brown Game. Very Sad.

But for you, contributor of extreme largesse’, we have some things that very few know.

This season may be more of a challenge and it’s Erin Andrews’ fault.  The Ducks covered the number to the tune of 77% of the time when the fetching Ms. Andrews patrolled the sidelines.

Now she has taken her talents to a studio show where she will lounge next to Joey Harrington.  *Sigh* As usual, Popeye said it best.

No matter.  The astute football gambler will go deeper into the numbers to find profit.  For example, Oregon is 13-6-1 ATS in night games. starting with…

But here is something most people don’t know.   Oregon is 1-0 SU and ATS  in night games when the lights go out at Autzen.

Riveting Footage of The Cal Game When the Lights Went Out

Gamblers beware, though!  Not all betting trends are in favor of the Ducks.  Oregon is only 2-3 in games when a man named Bronco is on the other sideline.  This includes…

Bronco Mendenhall                            

Bronco Nagurski

Bronco Cletus

One more sobering statistic before you place your football bet on the Ducks.  Oregon is only 3-5 against the spread when a man named Pinto is on campus.

There you have it, sportsmen and sporting women.  The first college game of the year is this Thursday.  South Carolina is a 7 point favorite at Vanderbilt.

I’ll take the Cocks.

…That was a tough sentence to type.


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