Notes from the college football nation: Dominoes are falling and BCS shake up


The dominoes are falling. As this week played out, we are trimming the list of national title contenders to just a handful. The Gators got bumped thanks to turnovers, while Notre Dame and Kansas State made their case for the number two spot. As for Oregon: Gosh, let’s just hope they stay in the top 5 of the BCS. Just kidding…but seriously, what’s up with that? Despite all the exciting games today, we should have a moment of silence for Marcus Lattimore of South Carolina. He suffered a severe leg injury that will probably keep him out of football for a very long time, if not permanently. As much as we don’t like other teams and or players, we never like seeing an injury like that. Now let’s get onto some news and thoughts from this past week of action:

  1. Two words: Roll Tide. That is all you can say about Alabama and their domination over Mississippi State. Alabama seems finely tuned for their big game next week vs. LSU.
  2. The Florida Gators pretty much sent themselves home in the SEC East race after committing six turnovers and falling to Georgia 17-9. It is hard for any team to win when you commit that many turnovers. Credit Georgia for being able to capitalize on any of their turnovers, when they themselves where playing a sloppy game also. All Florida fans now will be an Ole Miss or Auburn fan, in hopes of getting a trip to Atlanta for the SEC title game. (Does anyone really want to go and face Alabama there?)
  3. It does not matter who Kansas State is playing, they are going to score 50+ points on them. Snyder and his boys routed Texas Tech 55-24. Kansas State QB Klein solidified his trip to New York for the Heisman after another four touchdown performance. Coach Snyder should win Coach of the Year in my book. He does more with less there at Kansas State. How do you convince kids to go there and then mold them into a championship team? He’s got my vote.
  4. Oregon dropped Colorado 70-14. Oregon has had just about every game they played wrapped up by halftime. Is not that enough to impress the voters? I think Oregon played everyone they had on their roster today, and still managed to manhandle Colorado, using 3rd and 4th stringers. With all of these blowout losses coming for Colorado, do they really belong in the PAC-12? Larry Scott Should have got BYU. I will not go into my conference realignment rant right now.
  5. Notre Dame is back, or at least that is what Lou Holtz will be ranting about all week. The Notre Dame defense defiantly kept Landry Jones and the Oklahoma offense in check most of the night. Notre Dame poured it on late to win 30-13, making it seem worse than the final score. Was it just me or did it sound like Notre Dame had more fans cheering in Norman than Oklahoma fans? The voters would love to see the Irish play for the national title if they go undefeated. If you are an Oregon or Kansas State fan, you need to be worried about the Golden Domers jumping you in the poll. The “College Football Gods” would love nothing more than to see the traditional powerhouses of Alabama vs. Notre Dame. So keep hoping for an upset, or Notre Dame is headed to Miami.
  6. What’s that FSU? You beat Duke 48-7. Who cares! You’re supposed to beat them, but way worse than that. Oregon got 70 on Colorado. Also, Ohio State won the battle of NCAA probation schools vs. Penn State 35-23. It’s like that game never happened, since it will not matter or count for anything. Next year we will give some love to Ohio State, maybe.
  7. USC is turning into a disappointment, while not helping Oregon’s resume.  The Trojans dropped a close one to Arizona 39-36.  Rich Rod has the Desert Swarm alive and well, proving to be a great hire, and making some noise in the PAC-12 South.  USC WR Marqise Lee was still able to create a positive during the loss, by setting a conference record with 345 receiving yards.  We are seeing video game-type numbers for teams offensively this season.
  8. The Big East is almost sorted out. Louisville took care of Cincinnati in overtime, while Rutgers dropped a random game to Kent State. The Big East is so up-and-down at times. It will be even worse next year when you have teams from all over the country competing. Louisville is still my pick.
  9. Ohio dropped a tough one to rival Miami(OH) 23-20, to fall from the unbeaten ranks. Ohio looked to be the only BCS buster this year, but those dreams are over. Guess we all have to get back on the Boise State BCS buster bandwagon.
  10. Now some more news from around the nation: Northwestern is putting together a nice season after beating Iowa 28-17. If not for the last minute meltdown against Nebraska, they could be in first place in the Legends division. Texas needed a last-second touchdown to beat Kansas 21-17. Anyone who does not beat Kansas by 30 or more should have it count as a loss. And can we say QB controversy at Texas again? South Carolina held off Tennessee 38-35, but at a huge cost. They lost perhaps the best running back ever to play at South Carolina… forever. UCLA edged Arizona State 45-43 with a last second field goal. Never a dull moment in the PAC-12 South.

Another week is in the books. I still have Alabama playing Oregon down in Miami for the national title, but I think the voters will be looking to send Notre Dame down to Miami in place of Oregon. This could be the year we wanted the playoffs to start if Alabama, Oregon, Kansas State, and Notre Dame all finish undefeated. It is going to be a pure mess. Next week, two major matchups will happen that will really could help get a clearer picture of where Alabama and Oregon stand. Alabama will be traveling to LSU, while Oregon heads down to LA to face USC. Both games will go a long way in showing the country why they will be playing in Miami. Should be a very interesting next few weeks for all college football fans as we wait for the next upset.


Until next week college football nation…



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Jeff Hostetler

Jeff Hostetler

Jeff Hostetler may not have won a Super Bowl with the Giants ( though his uncle of the same name did). He has been an obsessed college football fan living in Florida ever since the Gators beat FSU in the Sugar Bowl to earn the UF's first national championship. Ever since Jeff has immersed himself in everything possible related to college football. He enjoys watching, writing, playing, and otherwise obsessing over all things football. A graduate of the University of Florida, he brings a perspective to FishDuck free of our extreme green & yellow homerism glasses to look at the current landscape of collegiate athletics.

  • j10eff

    Oregon State blew it vs Washington. USC lost to Arizona. There goes the strength of schedule for Oregon. Let’s just hope Stanford doesnt choke anymore before the Oregon game.

    • Badwater

      SOS for the Ducks is weaker than it was yesterday, but if the WA game is Little Brother’s only loss when Civil War comes around then they’ll still have a decent ranking and might be playing for the Rose Bowl if the Ducks are unbeaten. USC will contimue to be overrated, and what we REALLY need is to have Notre Dame lose to USC. The strength of schedule picture isn’t bleak yet, but it could go either way. Beavers and Tojans need to win except against us.

      • j10eff

        Oregon is still in good shape…they just need USC to play the game of their lives vs Notre Dame at the end of the season.

        K-State looks to be unstoppable…but people said that about WVU until they played Texas Tech.K-State has Oklahoma State and TCU next. IT could be a shoot out and then a defensive battle for them .Anything can happen. Then they close vs Baylor and Texas….those teams dont know what defense is right now…so K-state should win by 30

  • As long as the SEC has control of the BCS(BS) computers,it will be hard for a PAC 12,or big 10 scholl to make it to the BCS(BS)game!! The NCAA needs to do their job and decide who will play for the national championship,NOT THE SEC!!!

    • j10eff

      They NCAA needs to step in and do the playoff this year….that would be the right thing.
      I have a situation….so LSU beats BAMA and LSU finishes 11-1. Bama finishes 11-1 (only loss to LSU) then LSU beats Georgia in SEC championship. (Florida wins out)….you would have 3 SEC teams at 11-1 probably all in the TOP 5 or close to it.(LSU would be 12-1). How would the playoff happen then? I would love to see how the 4 teams got decided then.
      They Joked that the “FINAL FOUR” of college football should just be called the “SEC INVITATIONAL”
      In Order for the SEC to not run the BCS…it needs to not be in the BCS. Until that happens there will always be that SEC “favoritism”

  • JDWebfoot

    Wow. Florida looked nothing like a team that should have ever been ranked in the top 5. Completely dominated! How many games this year have the Gators failed to score an offensive touchdown? Other than Bama, the SEC has looked terrible this season. Florida and Georgia combined for 24 penalties and 9 turnovers, painful to watch for fans of good football.

    • j10eff

      if 17-9 to is a dominating game then I would love to hear the words you choose to describe this game: Oregon 70 Colorado 14.

  • marcoladuck

    Jeff, yer SEC is showing sir. Colorado is a INFINITELY more logical choice than BYU. Out side of the deep south we realize that there are more sports than football and NASCAR, which isn’t a sport at all due to the fact that the athlete is a car. BYU won’t play on Sundays (crucial to Olympic sports) and is not a fit academically or philosophically. Even if all that mattered out here was football CU is packing just as much hardware as the zooobs. All that aside I really have enjoyed your work at Fishduck..

    • j10eff

      Thanks. I am more of a geography guy when it comes to the realignment. I dont even want to get started on the BOISE STATE in the BIG EAST deal.

    • j10eff

      Yes…the SEC pride does come out every once and awhile.
      Also, around the south we realize there is more sports than football and NASCAR….as for the state of Alabama it is ONLY Nascar and football. ;)

  • j10eff

    with the way Alabama, Oregon, Notre Dame. and K-State are playing,….this will be the year we wish the BCS was gone and the playoff started now…it almost makes this season and next “void” because no playoff=no true champion

    • JDWebfoot

      Good call. Strip every team of every National Championship that wasn’t earned in a playoff format. Oh wait, that’s ALL of them…

  • j10eff

    Fun article about the LSU vs BAMA match up and Oregon vs USC match up.
    If LSU and Alabama is anything like last year….I will be watching the Oregon game.