11/12 Practice Report

It’s all quiet on the western front as the Ducks close in on the national championship game. Oregon’s “next-man-up” moniker was thoroughly tested last Saturday, and the scout team defense passed admirably.

  • Koa Ka’ai set a perfect example of Oregon’s fluidity and efficiency in their program; after playing defense, Ka’ai was switched over to offense to start the year, only to be called back when the defensive line was reduced to the bare minimum. Ka’ai stepped in, had no problems with communication, and played well.
  • Defensive coordinator Nick Allioti was confident in his, “thinning” secondary, and knows that the unit will come together when they are needed.
  • With Gameday coming to down, it was a good topic of conversation during interviews today. Out of all people, Chip Kelly was the most excited about the festivities, saying that Gameday is, “great for college football,” and he’s excited for the fans who will be getting amped up before the sun comes out. The show will be shot in front of the Lillis Complex (same as last year’s production).

The Casanova Center did a great job at hiding their injured players today, so no injury updates for now.

In other news, Marcus Mariota is now leads the country in passing efficiency, with 28 touchdowns to only five picks, and a 71% completion percentage. Johnny Football may have had a great day on Saturday, but Mariota has been quitely chugging along, producing elite numbers all season long. Don’t look now, but this kid is a freshman.

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