IZR Debate: Was Colorado Unfair To Embree?


Yesterday, Colorado fired Jon Embree after hiring him just two seasons before. The Buffs got a rude awakening when transitioning to the PAC-12, and found themselves miles behind the rest of their competition.

In his final press conference, an emotional Embree seemed shocked and betrayed by the quick actions of the Colorado athletic department.

It’s under general agreement that Embree was given an impossible task, and wasn’t expected to bring Colorado up to speed immediately, but Colorado Athletic Director Mike Bohn decided that he wasn’t happy with the, “trajectory” of the bottom-dwelling program.

His firing sheds light on a cruel reality of College Football, and that is that it isn’t a personal business; it’s a cut-throat “win or you’re out” world. On the other hand, Embree was cut out extremely quickly, and he could make the case that he wasn’t given enough time to really change the program.

What do you think? Did Colorado act prematurely in its firing of Jon Embree?




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Josh Schlichter

Josh Schlichter

Josh is a College Football enthusiast from sunny Southern California. He has written for several self-operated prep sports blogs, as well as multiple SB Nation sites. In High School, Josh played football for four years, and helped create and operate the team's no-huddle system. Most of Josh's football knowledge branches from watching College Football his entire life, and is backed up by his first hand experience in both option and spread offenses. Above all, though, he is a proud student at the University of Oregon. @joshschlichter

  • j10eff

    did you see his press conference? The whole Minority coaches debate will begin again…..just win and the media will have nothing to say….Turner Gill

    • Hard to ask someone to win in the nation’s second best conference after the program hit rock bottom two years ago. And I’m not talking about WSU rock bottom I’m talking about Rock-Hawkins-Bottom