Notes from around the college football nation: Notre Dame is Ready for the SEC and Sunshine Smackdown

It’s set. Thanks to some late game heroics, we will not be having an SEC vs. SEC title game. Notre Dame held on for the late win over their bitter rival USC. It was rivalry week, and boy, did we have some big games (UF vs. FSU, Clemson vs. South Carolina), and then we had some others no one even noticed (Auburn vs. Alabama, Georgia vs. Georgia Tech). The BCS Gods are also thankful that Notre Dame held on because TOTAL CHAOS would have ensued if Notre Dame lost and they had to choose between an all-SEC title game or pick from all the one-loss teams. Some news and thoughts from rivalry week:

1. Just went it seemed like it would be a ball game, the Notre Dame defense showed up and kept USC from pulling the upset. Notre Dame’s defense will be talked about this week, and all the weeks to leading up to the title game. Watching the game, the prevailing thought was….if Matt Barkley were in, a lot more of those throws would have been completed, and we might have had the upset we all so deeply wanted. Well, another week of “Notre Dame is back” from Lou Holtz.

2. An intense rivalry week skipped over Alabama, who rolled Auburn 49-0 and guaranteed Auburn will most likely be looking for a new coach this offseason.  Georgia made rivalry week look like FCS opponent week by stomping Georgia Tech 42-10. I bet a lot of Oregon fans were mad at those scores, since they were in desperate need of an upset.

3. Sunshine Showdown turned into the Sunshine Smackdown in Tallahassee. Florida went right out and silenced a hostile FSU crowd with an early 13-3 lead at halftime. FSU woke up and made a ball game out of it, turning up the heat and scoring 17 straight points, taking a 20-13 lead over Florida. Florida then sat their little brother FSU down and said “that’s nice, hope you enjoyed it, but you lost to NC State and now we are going to take over from here and show you how it’s done” and boy, did the Gators take over.  After scoring 24 points in the 4th quarter to make it 37-20,  UF let their little FSU brother score a touchdown with no time remaining to give us the 37-26 final. After early struggles vs. no name opponents this season, Florida showed up and finished the season 11-1. A great season for Will Muschamp and the Gators. With a Notre Dame win, all the Gators can do is hope for a BCS bowl now; skipping the title talk despite having an impressive resume.

4. Nothing Civil about the Oregon vs. Oregon State game there. Oregon won 48-24 and I can not tell you a lick about the game. When we are in an era of media frenzies and coverage, the PAC-12 decided to make their marquee game available only to PAC-12 Network subscribers. I guess that means about 7,000 people watched the game while the rest of the country focused on other rivalry games being shown on local and ESPN television networks. Good move Mr. Scott….in a time where you need the Oregon brand out there for the world to see, you hide it behind your PAC-12 doors. Imagine the riots the South and most of college football would have had if the LSU vs Alabama game last year was a pay-per-view event? Mr. Slive of the SEC has a few tips for your TV schedule next  season.

5. Stanford ended any PAC-12 title talk for Oregon by crushing UCLA 35-17. Did UCLA really want to win that game and have to face a mad Oregon team? Probably not. I am sure when Stanford got up by two scores, UCLA said they will try again next week and got some younger guys playing time this week. So here is to a rematch for the PAC-12 title. Depending who wins the Pac-12 and Big Ten, this could be one sad Rose Bowl match up this year.

6. Johnny Football was finishing up his Heisman campaign with a five touchdown performance vs. Missouri in a 59-29 rout. He has put up better numbers than Tim Tebow and Cam Newton did the years they won their Heismans. Should be interesting to see how voters go this time. Steve Spurrier not only won the war of words vs. Clemson, but actually won the game 27-17. That’s four straight vs. Clemson, and might have knocked the Tigers out of BCS bowl contention.  The SEC could probably fill every BCS slot this year and have a great turnout if rules permitted. Spurrier defiantly is working wonders there at South Carolina.

7. We see that defense in still optional in the BIG-12 after Oklahoma beat little brother Oklahoma State 51-48 in overtime. Back and forth it went, with Oklahoma answering every time it looked like the Pokes were going to run away with it. Great win for Bob Stoops, and now they are “secretly” cheering for Texas to beat Kansas State next week so they win the BIG-12 and a BCS bowl berth. Speaking of Texas, is now up and running after that embarrassing 20-13 loss to TCU. Mack Brown does not deserve $5 million a year to put up 8-4 seasons, and I am sure the Longhorn fans feel the same way. Brown could have fans “hook’em” out of a job if he loses to Kansas State next week.

8. The BIG EAST is a mess. It could be a 4-way tie if Louisville beats Rutgers next week. In hopes the BIG “easy” has a team with a decent record in a BCS bowl game, I will call for Rutgers to win it all before the make their move to the BIG-10.

9. Props to Urban “liar” Meyer to keep his boys motivated and playing for something when really there was nothing. The Buckeyes completed an undefeated season by taking down hated Michigan 26-21 in “The Game”. Braxton Miller is definitely going to be a front runner for the Heisman this year, and his remaining years in Columbus. Ohio State will be in BCS bowl contention next year and in the final four of the playoffs in 2014. With how good Miller is and how young he is, the sky is the limit,  unless the NCAA steps on the Buckeyes again.

10. Other game highlights and notes: Louisville lost in 3OT to UCONN 23-20 and is not sending out its resume for a new conference as the BIG EAST falls apart…again. Utah State beat Idaho 45-9 to clinch outright the final WAC title, finishing 10-2. Utah State could have been an undefeated team. Both losses were by a combined total of 5 points. Penn State’s seniors went out on a high note and won with pride in overtime over Wisconsin 24-21. Virginia Tech avoided embarrassment by beating Virginia  17-14 to become bowl eligible. Not the season Hokie fans expected. BYU beat New Mexico State 50-14, but what is more impressive was the 5 TD catches BYU WR Cody Hoffman had. Now that is a dominant wideout.

Rivalry week is over and now it is time to prepare for CHAMPIONSHIP week. All eyes will be on the SEC to see who is in vs. Notre Dame. (Isn’t everyone always watching what is happening in the SEC?) The last time Georgia won a national title it was over Notre Dame….will history repeat itself? With only a few games remaining, we at least know of one team who will compete for the crystal trophy. We’ll have to wait one more week to find out the other. What a great season it has been.

Until next week college football nation…


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Jeff Hostetler

Jeff Hostetler

Jeff Hostetler may not have won a Super Bowl with the Giants ( though his uncle of the same name did). He has been an obsessed college football fan living in Florida ever since the Gators beat FSU in the Sugar Bowl to earn the UF's first national championship. Ever since Jeff has immersed himself in everything possible related to college football. He enjoys watching, writing, playing, and otherwise obsessing over all things football. A graduate of the University of Florida, he brings a perspective to FishDuck free of our extreme green & yellow homerism glasses to look at the current landscape of collegiate athletics.

  • Dave Huston

    Florida is horrible, nobody cares. You can call your post whatever you want, but why not call it what it is? “The Florida weekly update” each week you discuss the Florida Gators in depth and talk about a few other games you admittedly do not even watch. And then to top it off, you comment on your own posts 10 times a week. What a joke.

    • j10eff

      Good to see a few Florida State fans are reading the blog ;)

    • I believe an in depth discussion concerning Florida was warranted. They are in the national title hunt with wins over 4 of the top 12 and the only loss is to the #3 team. Honestly you could make a good argument that they should be ranked #1 even with one loss. You have 2 types of teams. Teams that play nobody and look great, and teams that play quality opponents. It doesn’t matter how a team looks if they are the latter. You don’t have to look good, you just need to win, if you consistently play top 10 teams. I can give a little credit to Notre Dame who has beat Stanford and Oklahoma.

      • JDWebfoot

        Ok right, good teams like Louisiana-Lafayette? Florida is NOT in the national title hunt.

        • HolidayPie

          And Tennessee Tech is so much better?

        • JDWebFoot, you bash on everyone but make no arguments for your team. This because you don’t have many arguments. All you say is, Oregon looks really good. They lost in their big chance to prove they are good, but that doesn’t matter because they look good. Every team plays week opponents. You can talk when you have a schedule that includes 5 of the top 12 in the country.

  • JDWebfoot

    Jeff, do you really think Oregon fans hoped for, let alone were mad about Alabama beating Auburn or Georgia beating G tech? The only games that mattered to Oregon were ND v USC and Stanford UCLA. Then again, as you say, you didnt watch any of the games you’re talking about, except for the Florida game to which you offer a creepy “little brother” depiction of the game. You’re completely ignorant about anything beyond rooting for the Gators with your orange and blue homerism glasses

    • HolidayPie

      So Oregon fans didn’t care about other games especially Florida’s since they are ranked above Oregom in the BCS? Im sure a loss of a team ranked above them is nothing to care about since Oregon was still going to make it into the title without winning the PAC12 Championship