Notes from around the college football nation: Tide rolled and Cardinals clipped


The College Football Gods have given us what we have all wanted this season. UPSETS! After the Aggies knocked off Alabama, it looks like we might actually have a title game without an SEC team in it. Will that even feel right to everyone? Louisville also fell from the ranks of unbeaten, but no one really cares about BIG EAST teams. What a crazy week of college football. It seemed most teams were not invincible after the games this weekend. One clear message was still sent out: Oregon will score over 50 points on whomever they are playing, no matter what. Now let’s get onto some thoughts and news from this past week’ action:


  1. Way to go Aggies! Johnny Football and Kevin Sumlin got Texas A&M their first signature win in the SEC. Capitalizing on some early momentum, A&M took a 20-0 lead before Alabama woke up. Everyone talks about the Aggie offense, but it was actually the Aggie defense making the plays for the win. With this loss, it probably will knock an SEC team out of the title game unless two out of the three undefeated teams lose in the next few weeks.
  2. They did not score their usual 50 points, but Kansas State took care of business. TCU is known for defense, but Kansas State still managed to win 23-10. Collin Klein was able to still play and continue his Heisman campaign and hopefully march his team to Miami for the title game. With TCU playing the rest of their season with a backup QB, I didn’t expect them to win this one and don’t expect them to really make any noise the rest of the season.
  3. Everyone talks about the Ducks’ rushing attack, but last night’s 59-17 win over California shows Oregon is a complete team. Marcus Mariota’s six passing touchdowns turned a close game into a rout. With that impressive showing, Oregon gets my vote as #1. Both Oregon’s defense and offense appear to be clicking on all cylinders again. With Alabama‘s loss, and Kansas State and Notre Dame both struggling, I expect to see Duck fans in Miami.
  4. Notre Dame and FSU both showed they still have a lot of work to do. Notre Dame needed to show voters that the overtime win over Pitt was a fluke and they are a dominant team. Lowly Boston College should be beat more than 21-6. 50 points should be the expectation against Boston College. Enjoy the Rose Bowl Notre Dame, because Oregon and Kansas State are going to the title game. As for FSU, the game vs. Virginia Tech was suppose to be the game of the year in the ACC, but Virginia Tech has really disappointed. The ACC has been so weak and FSU should be beating teams by 50 if they want national respect. You can’t really respect a team that loses to NC State.
  5. Speaking of odd games, let’s talk about my Gators. What a crazy win. I should have not been cheering and dancing around my house for a Gator victory over Louisiana-Lafayette. The Gators did not deserve the win, but somehow pulled it out with scoring two last minute touchdowns. The best highlight came with 11 seconds remaining, and the score tied at 20. Gator Loucheiz Purifoy blocked the punt and Jelani Jenkins returned it for the game-winning touchdown to win 27-20, avoiding overtime with the upset-minded Ragin’ Cajuns. It looks like Gators have given up on the season after that Georgia loss, with the way they have been playing since.
  6. Georgia beat Auburn 38-0, but that does not say much vs. a very bad Auburn team. With the win, Georgia is going to the SEC title game to likely play Alabama. If another one or two undefeated teams lose, a one-loss SEC team could have a shot going to the title game. Georgia still has a lot to play for this season.
  7. Without any title to play for, LSU beat Mississippi State 37-17, hoping to stay alive for an at-large BCS bid. South Carolina beat Arkansas 38-20, which was also playing for respect. It is hard for teams to get pumped up late-season games like this, when they know the results mean nothing more than a bowl game in Tampa or Orlando.
  8. Louisville fell from the ranks of the unbeaten after Syracuse marched all over them, winning 45-26. It’s the Big East…what do you expect? Nothing is consistent in that conference. The BIG-12 should be talking about adding Louisville, however. They would bring instant credibility with football and basketball to the conference.
  9. Stanford helped pad Oregon’s resume by holding off Oregon State 27-23. It looks like Oregon has their division wrapped up, thanks to the Cardinals victory, as long as Oregon wins next week. UCLA beat Washington State 44-36, thanks to a 30-point 2nd quarter outburst. I am predicting Oregon vs UCLA in PAC-12 title game. USC rebounded from last week’s loss to beat Arizona State 38-17. This sets up the USC vs. UCLA game for a winner-take-all scenario, with the winner going to PAC-12 title game. It’ll be interesting to see how the PAC-12 South finishes out, and I am still sticking with my saying that “defense in optional” when it comes to PAC-12 football. 
  10. Now lets get into some all-around news and thoughts: Georgia Tech 68, North Carolina 50. They wanted to show Oregon and USC that they could have a high scoring game too. Wisconsin is headed to Big-10 title game after stomping Indiana 62-14. Miami dropped a heartbreaker as Virginia scored the last 10 points to win, 41-40. Guess no one wants to win the ACC Coastal division. I am still pulling for Duke. Northwestern gave up another 4th quarter lead and lost to Michigan 38-31 in overtime. Speaking of overtime, it took Missouri four overtimes to beat Tennessee 51-48. When does Dooley get his pink slip? Texas seems to be back on track with a 33-7 win over Iowa State. Texas needs to upset Kansas State for BCS chaos. Nebraska looks to keep a slim lead in their division after beating Penn State 32-23. Penn State has done a lot better this year than most thought after being handed ridiculous sanctions. Imagine where Penn State would be if those who jumped ship had stayed. West Virginia frustrates me. After showing such signs of promise, they drop another to Oklahoma State 55-34. I think they spend too much time teaching offense and not enough time doing defense at WVU. Louisiana Tech is still showing it could be a BCS buster with a 62-55 win over Texas State…thought that was a basketball game.

This past week has give us so many crazy results. You have to love college football for that one reason. You think you know what is going to happen. You think Alabama will be playing for the title, and the next minute you have a new contender in the #1 spot. I am now predicting Oregon vs Kansas State for the title game. Anyone playing for the national title but Notre Dame would be great. I also hope we have two teams finish undefeated so no one-loss SEC Team tries to sneak in. It’s going to be a race to the finish. Your thoughts?

Until next week college football nation.



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Jeff Hostetler

Jeff Hostetler

Jeff Hostetler may not have won a Super Bowl with the Giants ( though his uncle of the same name did). He has been an obsessed college football fan living in Florida ever since the Gators beat FSU in the Sugar Bowl to earn the UF's first national championship. Ever since Jeff has immersed himself in everything possible related to college football. He enjoys watching, writing, playing, and otherwise obsessing over all things football. A graduate of the University of Florida, he brings a perspective to FishDuck free of our extreme green & yellow homerism glasses to look at the current landscape of collegiate athletics.

  • JDWebfoot

    After getting blown out at home against a community college, Florida is officially the worst one-loss team ever. The Swamp is an overhyped joke of a home field advantage. No SEC team would score more than 13 points against Oregon. If defense is optional in the Pac 12 as you say, then offense is optional in the SEC. They play some of the most unwatchable football imaginable. Funny that as soon as Bama plays a team with any offense to speak of, they give up 450 yards and lose. Is that good defense? As it stands right now, the SEC will have as much relevance as the Big East and ACC from here on out.

    • j10eff

      Good to see JDWebfoot still reading the Blog and watching SEC football.

    • Dan

      JDWebfoot you forget that Texas A&M was shut down by Florida and LSU. You can see the significance of these SEC defense by looking at teams like Bama etc and how they drop 50 on pathetic teams. When they meet a solid D that doesn’t happen. The same would happen with Oregon if they were playing a Florida, LSU, USC, Bama type defense every week. They would only be scoring around 20 points a game. As for Florida they have the worst offense in college football. I can give you that. There defense thought is among the best in college football when they put in the effort. The game yesterday showed how talented and also showed how Florida played with 0 heart. They clearly didn’t care about the game yesterday.

      • JDWebfoot

        I didn’t forget, I don’t care what happened in A&M’s other games this year. I’m not even saying A&M is a good team. The SEC is a steaming pile of crap this year, and its great to watch their horrific teams getting out-muscled on the line of scrimmage and pushed around for four quarters by Junior college kids.

        • Dan

          HAHA I was watching the Oregon game last night and my friend was like, Oregon looks so tiny. Which made me wonder if that was true. After looking at the stats Oregon’s offensive line is an average of 30 pounds less per player. I would like you to make a valid argument that shows that Oregon has proved anything? Sure they look great, but until they show they can beat a worthy team you have nothing. Until the Pac-10 can dominate the BCS Championship like the SEC has as well as the other bowl games, you have nothing to prove your team isn’t weak. Hawaii went 13-0 a few season ago. They were averaging like 50 points a game. Of course they weren’t playing anyone with a defense. They got to play Georgia in the 2007 Sugar bowl. They lost 41-10. I think Oregon is a solid team, I hope they get to play a solid defense to prove it at some point.

          • Guest

            and Finally to shut you up I will sight the following:
            Sept 03, 20111 LSU 41 Oregon 27

          • Dan

            and I am sure you haven’t forgotten when Oregon lost to Auburn

          • 22-19 with a FG at the end. Boy what a SEC beating that was.

          • Dan

            The 2010 season actually proves the point very well. Oregon was averaging 49.3 points per game up to the national title game. They scored more than 60 points 3 times and had a high of 72 in one game. When they finally met a good defense they only scored 19 points.

          • Aggie

            Whats more curious, is why are you even here Dan? Why are you reading Oregon fan base reports?

          • Dan

            Said the Aggie lol

          • Aggie

            Aggie is my Nick name, I’ve been a die hard Duck fan sense my cousins first took me to a game at autzen when i was 5. By the way the nick name comes from my last name Aguilar.

          • HolidayPie

            I think Dan is here for the same reason I am here being that this part of the Oregon fan base page is about what else is happening in college football other than lots of quick touchdowns and no defense

          • JDWebfoot

            You mean the Auburn team that stomped the SEC and beat everyone the played that year? Sure, I remember that game. That Oregon team TWO YEARS AGO was good and held their own. But those players have all moved on. The 2010 Ducks aren’t playing this year.

            SEC fans can talk all they want about defense, but they don’t face any teams who play offense, play only eight conference games, and all get week 11 games against southeast Georgia A&T. What a joke.

          • JDWebfoot

            You mean “cite”? Mama says alligators are angry because they got all them teeth, and no tooth brush…

          • LSU beat Florida that season 41-11

          • Dan

            Florida wasn’t the SEC elite that year were they.

          • That matters why?

          • JDWebfoot

            Who has Oregon beat? Everyone they have played. Who has any of the SEC teams beat so far?

            Oregon has more players at least 6’5″ and/or over 300 lbs than any team in the country. Good call, this Ducks team is exactly like Hawaii in 2007…. It’s always great when someone reveals that they are completely clueless about football.

            Oh great, and a Sugar Bowl history lesson involving the SEC vs WAC teams? How about ’09 when Utah (UTAH!?!) beat #4 Alabama 31-17?

          • Dan

            Utah proved they could hang in that game. You aren’t arguing for Utah, you are arguing for your Ducks. You don’t have a quality win against an sec team yet. The chances the ducks have been given in recent history to prove they can beat the SEC elite, well they have come up short every time. You made my point by siting that Oregon has beat everyone they have played thus far, exactly, and so did Hawaii. Their commonalty was they both played a weak schedule.

          • Oregon traveled to SEC country and beat up Tennessee. When was the last time Florida left the state to play an OOC?

            Dan, you can’t honestly think Oregon falls in the category of Hawaii, a one time Cinderella team. C’mon, I appreciate your fan hood for Florida and I will be the first to give the SEC all the respect for winning 6 straight BCS championships, but what do you want Oregon to do? Every team they play, they put up huge points, that’s why we lead the nation in total points scored. We can only play who will play us, sucks the Pac-12 beats each other up and lessens the overall conference appearance, but oh well. We also play 9 conference games. Don’t worry, next year Tennessee comes to Eugene and will be a great chance for the SEC to get it done deep in Pac-12 territory. I wish Georgia hadn’t cancelled with us for 2015/2016. They cited that it was “too far to travel”.

          • Dan

            Matt if you note my first post I put Bama under the same microscope as Oregon. Bama rolled over everyone until they played quality teams in LSU and T A&M. When Bama finally played quality the steam rolling was done. Miss St was undefeated but they hadn’t played anyone. When they had to play quality well they lost the last 3 games because they were a pretender. To me Oregon is in the same spot. They have been rolling but they have yet been tested. There is nothing they can do about that. We will see how good the ducks are when they play a worthy opponent. Just as we saw how good Bama was or wasn’t. The only way for the discussions to be settle is for The top SEC teams to play the top Pac-12 teams. It really sucks that the rose bowl only pits Pac-12 against the Big 10 conf. Especially since the Big 10 is so weak. Hopefully when a playoff comes around we will get to see some different match-ups across the country.

          • Dan

            Yes they beat Tenn…. but in the last 3 years Tenn is 4-18 in the SEC and 0-15 against Top 25 teams, thus not an accomplishment. I would expect Oregon to beat the weak SEC teams as you would expect the Sec’s best to beat the weak Pac-12 teams.

          • Dan

            To compare opponents win loss record for this year.

            Oregon’s:63-60 played 1 currently ranked opponents: #18usc

            Florida: 77-43 played 4 currently ranked opponents: all 4 in the current top 9 in the BCS standings.

          • Take away the extra OOC the SEC teams play, make everyone play one more in conference game instead of Georgia Southern State or whoever and see what that record is.

          • Dan

            Actually if you took away the OOC games the record may improve. Honestly given at season end Florida would have played 5 of the current top 10 BCS teams and 1 of those being an OOC team, are you really going to argue that Florida needs to add tougher OOC teams to their schedule????? It is already insane!! Now your argument could apply to some of the other SEC teams. Florida is given respect in the computer rankings for their schedule as they are currently ranked 3rd.

          • HolidayPie

            Utah was in the Mountain West which is a few steps higher than the WAC…

        • HolidayPie

          You really dont like the SEC…If they were a steaming pile of crap they would not have six of the top ten spot in the BCS Rankings…Yeah any conference that has about half of its teams in the top ten is a steaming pile of crap.

    • Fieldgoals

      I agree with you that the SEC will have as much relevance as the Big East and ACC from here on out….actually not really…even a one loss Bama can still find it way into the title game…The SEC will always be college football.

  • j10eff
  • HolidayPie

    It was great to see the BCS shaken up this week! I would hope that USC can take Notre Dame and their Hail Mary of Wins and maybe have Texas find a way to put it together to stop K-State which would then have us set up for the Alabama Oregon game all us football and Duck fans want to see.

    If we have that match up then it will be a real statement game and another chance for Oregon to show it can beat that SEC Defense. It will finally give Duck fans and us spread offense fans something to talk about!

    • Dan

      Urban Meyer brought a crazy spread offense to town at Florida. It worked great on a lot of teams. However when we played teams with competitive speed such as Alabama they were able to stifle us. Even when we had Tebow and Percy Harvin we weren’t able to run all over Bama, having said that we still won the National title, not because of of our high powered offense but mainly because we too had a very very good defense.

  • HolidayPie

    You are right Jeff, West Virginia is frustrating. After those amazing numbers by Geno it looked like he was literally going to be the only one in the race…

    I think they need to take some pointers from Oregon on how to have a fast paced offense and not be so predictable..Oregon is always in the same spread but create so many different options and patters from just one formation…it seems West Virginia just became to predictable and defenses just game planed for them. Would have been nice to see Geno smash some records this year but he is not putting up those EA Sports numbers anymore

    • j10eff

      WVU looked like CREAM of the CROP BIG-12 football then actually met real BIG-12 football and is now back to BIG EAST form. FRUSTRATING!

      I am hoping Texas makes the K-State game their superbowl and knocks them out…USC just needs to play NOTRE DAME like they did vs. OREGON and NOTRE DAME is out of the picture.

      Alabama needs to win out and beat Georgia and they will get into title game again after losing to JOHNNY FOOTBALL

      NOTRE DAME would be able to go to title game is all of their big games vs big teams are not flopping….


      PITT,WAKE FOREST, BOSTON COLLEGE-embarrassing flops
      tell NOTRE DAME next year we can consider a title game appearance…enjoy the ROSE BOWL while Ducks head to MIAMI

  • Dan

    Ohhhhh, looks like Oregon played a decent team and what happened? That unstoppable offense, was only unstoppable against weak defenses! Who would have thought that? Oh I did, I did. Every decent offense looks amazing when you play weak defenses.

    • hahahaha