The Trojan Game Plan & How Oregon Will Defeat USC (2)

What was the unique game plan that the Trojans ran against the Ducks last year, which contained us for three quarters?   What do we need to do to counter those strategies on Saturday?  You may have watched this video last summer, but I’m bringing this video up again so that we might know what to look for against the Trojans.  If you are new to the site, then this will be a wonderful introduction to the analysis videos that we carry on  To see more analysis videos, as well as my Fish Report analysis, go to the Directory tab.  There you will find a wealth of analysis information!

Look at the video and then you decide – will the Trojans employ a similar strategy this year? Will they try something else?   I am curious as to what many of you think the Trojans strategy will be this year…

FOR TROJAN FANS:    Some disclaimers before you begin hollering.

Please don’t comment if you are the classic USC Bandwagon fan.  You are easy to discern, as you can barely write two complete sentences.

This is not a balanced video; this is an OREGON fan site video.  I explain Oregon’s mistakes because they are so unusual, while USC mistakes have become the norm recently.

Don’t be indignant at my examples of your team’s bad behavior or cheap shots.  You just put the Arizona QB out with another example of what I illustrate.  Deal with it.


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