Rumor Has It Chip Kelly Is Staying


You may have read a recent article of mine on whether Chip Kelly stays at Oregon or whether he bolts to the NFL.  The point of it is that we don’t know either way – and neither do any of the so-called experts that you’re reading about daily. As far as NFL sources go, take it with a grain of salt because you and I know more than they do. They also know more than you and I do — which is to say they know nothing.

There are some subscriber sites abuzz with some news — it seems that a certain recruit was asked whether he was worried about Chip Kelly jumping to the NFL.  Kelly looked the recruit straight in the eye and said he would be the coach next season.

If this is an accurate account, I will take it over any other.  Chip does not care for everything that comes with boosters, the media, and fans; but never let it be said that CK doesn’t shoot straight with players.  If this is accurate then his unfinished business is still unfinished.

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Carl Blackwell

Carl Blackwell

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