SEC Championship Game Sets New Bar For Oregon

Well if it wasn’t evident before, it is certainly evident now. Oregon, Stanford, and the rest of the PAC-12 have a long way to go before they will be considered in the same respect that SEC teams are.

The harsh reality that Stanford brought to Autzen Stadium doomed Oregon to another year of subservience to the Southeastern Conference, and the championship game shoved Oregon’s reputation further into the ground. As much as I believe in the validity of Chip Kelly’s offensive system as a true, non-gimmicky scheme, and as much as I have faith in Oregon’s defense to play to their highest abilities, the Ducks would have an extremely tough time winning a game against Alabama.

As well as Oregon’s defense played against Stanford, the 200 yards gained by Stepfan Taylor and Co. would likely turn into 250 against Alabama’s likely superior rushing attack. On the other side of the ball, the size and speed of Alabama’s trench players brought back memories of Chase Thomas and Shane Skov chasing down Kenjon Barner outside of the hash marks. It is very hard to imagine a scenario in which Oregon would be able to keep Alabama’s offense at bay long enough to outscore Alabama, and the Ducks would likely find themselves at the mercy of Alabama’s mistakes.

I am still a firm believer in the ideas and strategies that Chip Kelly and his staff have put in place, but until Oregon’s “Bullet not bowling ball” policy for linemen develops enough elite linemen to top a defense that is just as fast as it is massive, SEC style football will be king.

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Josh Schlichter

Josh Schlichter

Josh is a College Football enthusiast from sunny Southern California. He has written for several self-operated prep sports blogs, as well as multiple SB Nation sites. In High School, Josh played football for four years, and helped create and operate the team's no-huddle system. Most of Josh's football knowledge branches from watching College Football his entire life, and is backed up by his first hand experience in both option and spread offenses. Above all, though, he is a proud student at the University of Oregon. @joshschlichter

  • Geoffrey

    Yeah. I’m with you in this assessment. When Alabama’s run game went into overdrive in the 3rd quarter, I was really impressed.

    It still irritates me when, Gary Danielson says things like he did today. Putting down the high tempo offenses, and, saying there are enough high quality lineman for more teams to play the same style.

    Really?? Those bodies don’t grow in the NW. We haven’t been able to recruit them here. That’s a major reason why we went to a spread offense.

    • Gary Danielson forgot about how Florida & Newton beat up the SEC with a power oriented spread offense with an ability to play at high tempo.

      I also think it’s fairly obvious Oregon still is working at convincing the local “pro” linemen that they can play in this system and be successful. I believe that they can be, as do a vast majority of Duck fans, however, SEC style football will trump Oregon’s allure until they can prove that it can beat the other style.

      • meh

        The SEC bias is just media driven. The fact is we will never know how this Oregon team matches up against Alabama. Football is an easy game to breakdown. Execute your blocks, you run well. Pass block well and your passing game succeeds. Teams also have bad games, that is what happened against Stanford. Both offenses played poorly, both defences played well. Teams lose, it happens. Alabama lost, they were forgiven and now deemed invincible. Alabama lost to LSU last year, scoring 6 points, and they were national champions. All I’m saying is maybe Alabama had a let down game emotionally, came out flat against A&M and couldnt come back in the second half but why do they deserve a mulligan? Sometimes the best team in the country does not win or even play for a championship.
        Someone brought up earlier that four team playoff is not fair because a team like stanford would be snubbed. I argue against this cause I believe a four team playoff sets up a nice balance between every game counting in the regular season and the fairness of a playoff. I will admit I worry that the system will still be slanted to the south and east which could cause problems if they continue to refuse to play a 9th conference game but as a duck fan I really wish it was put in this year.

        • By the same logic: why does Oregon deserve a mulligan?

          • meh

            They don’t. Just don’t act like Alabama is unbeatable and dominate when they are beatable and in fact not god. Both teams lost, both teams have flaws, its a shame we don’t get to see them play each other.

  • Scott

    I have a response Texas A&M

    • Oregon and Texas A&M might run similar plays, but are not similar in personnel. It would be very easy to make the argument about Alabama coming out flat after huge, emotional win over LSU, too.

      Bottom line: Bama is the real deal. We’d have a tough time with them for sure.

  • Josh, you need to go back and re-think your opinion here with a little more than just SEC awe. You spend many hours, obviously, breaking down Ducks offense/defense and have seen the overwhelming success under Kelly. And then you come up with that analysis? So you ignore A&M vs ALA this year and how Oregon played vs Auburn in NCG in 2010? You think Kelly has implemented this system without considering its capabilities to win the NCG? And you ignore the improved recruiting the Ducks have experienced in the last few years…getting bigger/better athletes? Frankly, I don’t want to support a Duck site that takes a bow down position to the SEC.

    The Stanford game didn’t prove anything…or have you been secretly studying SEC honks P12 theories of why they are dominant? Stanford would have a hard time re-producing their game plan they executed very well vs Oregon.

    Honestly, I expect more analysis than naked SEC fear from this Duck site considering all of the hard earned Duck support Mr. Fischer has engendered over the past few decades. The Ducks are a top 5 program in the country now and have built a significant national brand (as witnessed by playing in a BCS game despite not winning the P12 championship game).

    • I think that my analysis on this site holds its own merit, and puts me in a very good position to make a claim on Oregon’s abilities. After watching play Alabama all season, and watching every Oregon game in detail, it has become very clear to me that Oregon will not have an advantage against Alabama.

      Oregon’s elite offense would carve up 99% of defenses the country can throw at it, but it will not succeed anywhere close to its advertised capacity against the nation’s best defenses. If Oregon played its best game possible, I think it could put up maybe 28 points on Alabama.

      HOWEVER, Alabama’s offense is in reality much better than I had anticipated. Their offensive style is the exact reason why I think Oregon would have a very difficult time stopping Alabama.

      The insinuation that I have stacked up a naked fear of the SEC is completely inaccurate. I simply believe that Oregon would not beat Alabama this season.

  • Josh, you may be right. But, this is what I hate about college football. In the end, it shouldn’t matter what the “experts” think. Championships should be decided on the field. It’s a joke that we’ll never know if this Oregon team can beat this Alabama team mostly because enough people like you just think Alabama is better. Right now, they are both one-loss teams. But, only one of them gets to play for a “Championship”. I think Alabama is very, very good. But, sports should be about competition, not polls.

    • Which brings up another interesting point of debate. If the playoffs started this year, how can you pick Oregon over Stanford? Even the 4 team playoff leaves out deserving teams.

      • The 4 team beauty pageant isn’t much better than the present 2 team beauty pageant. If every other sport and every other division of college football can settle it on the field, then what’s the problem? Only, $$$. The regular season will be great regardless (ask the NFL), we just want a playoffs like everyone else.

    • It should be about a Playoff, because the POLL’s are bound to be incorrect which they are for the most part every year, and Alabama’s Team is not even as good as their last year’s Team, So yes Oregon could conceivably Beat Bama and for the most part it’s pretty presumptuous for you to even just say that they would beat the Duck’s, I find that to totally be incorrect, for the most part if they had a playoff of at least 8 Team’s then the Team on a hot streak could easily Beat a supposedly better Team cause it’s proven every year, and A@M’s offense is not better than Oregon’s, and as far as Stanford’s concerned, we played basically the same 3-4 D last year in Palo alto and beat them by 3 score’s with the best QB in Football on Stanford’s Team. Come On Man Georgia is not better than Oregon, no way and they almost beat them. Oregon’s chances increase next year and our Boy’s upfront on the D Line and O Lin e’s will be bigger for the most part, and Our D Line will be the strength of the D next year, Buckner will come in about 290, Armstead around 300, Balducci who might just be the best of them easily 300 pds, so this Team will be SEC worthy on both side’s, so will see if it all add’s up to better, because with the Talent were bringing in on offense this Team will be even Harder to stop and that will include a Stanford Team at their house next year, so don’t be so quick to sweep these Duck’s under the bus because of one BAD Game, I can pretty much say sure Stanford Won and you can’t take that away, but I think the pressure was just too much for this young Team when they found out Bama had lost, cause everybody on Offense pretty much had a bad Game, and also all the talk of Chip going to the NFL affected the team more than Stanford did!

  • The SEC has more NFL bodies than anyone else. But, look beyond the hype of yesterday’s SEC championship game. What did we see? We saw a very close game where Alabama won by running all over Georgia. Why does this legitimize SEC superiority??? A salient point here would be that Georgia’s rushing defense SUCKS. In rushing defense this year, Georgia ranked 12th… IN THE SEC. Georgia ranked 81st nationally in rushing defense. So, Alabama ran all over Georgia. Shocker.

    • Numbers may lie, in my opinion. Georgia’s defensive structure is comparable to Oregon’s, with upgraded talent at nearly every spot. Perhaps SEC offenses require more credit than you give them.

      • Quaker22

        I think you should have said, “What if Alabama’s rushing attack has a major advantage over Oregon’s defense?” After watching Lacy and Yeldon yesterday…They do.

        • Exactly. I think there is a bit of imbedded opinions about SEC offense, and that SEC defenses are only good because they don’t have to face good offenses. It doesn’t take much to see that Alabama’s physical make up would give Oregon trouble- more than Cam’s single-wing did in 2010.

          Again, by simply looking at both teams, I don’t see how Oregon could man up with Alabama’s rushing offense, and physical receivers. I just don’t see it.

          • You’re only answer is that the SEC is better. Alabama would run for a lot of yards on Oregon. Sure. But, how many points would they score? Would that be enough? And who knows what would happen on any given day? Oregon needs better (not necessarily fatter) players on on both lines. Sure. But, I come back to my original point. I don’t really care for the beauty pageant way of deciding things. In sports, it only really matters what happens on the field.