Tyner’s Time Is Not Next Year

Marshall Rushing Past Tenn Tech

The love Duck fans are showing on Thomas Tyner is almost unpresidented. It’s rare that we, as Oregonians, get to root for one of our own in the Oregon Duck backfield. It’s almost as rare as a back rushing for six hundred yards and scoring ten touchdowns in a game. Fans are excited to see what he can do against elite opponents and on a national stage. But here’s the thing: I hope we don’t get to see him at all after the preseason schedule concludes.

Tyner is a perfect fit for the Oregon offense. So, however, is Byron Marshall. If you have seen his highlight reel on YouTube you’ve seen an incredibly patient runner who can cut hard and get deep into the secondary fast. He reminds me more of Barner plus fifteen or so pounds than he does of James. The tandem of Marshall and DeAnthony Thomas should be as good as any duo the Ducks have had since Mo Morris and Onterrio Smith. The Ducks will have Ayele Forde as the third option, and, barring injury, that should be more than enough.

If you are rooting for Tyner to get a bunch of carries next season then you’re probably unintentionally rooting for DAT or Marshall to be injured. In a perfect world, the Ducks don’t suffer any major injuries to their starters and Tyner will have an extra year of eligibility after Marshall is gone. That would be perfect.

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Gabe Judah

Gabe Judah

Gabe Judah (Editor and Writer) is a high school educator, two time UofO graduate, a frenzied father of two, a fortunate husband of one, and a thoughtful fan of Duck athletics. While at the UofO, Gave pitched for the club baseball team, but perhaps his greatest contribution to Oregon sports was when he helped a Sporting News All-American safety pass a 200 level Spanish class.

  • Whoever is better, will win the job. Don’t think anyone needs to get injured for that. As we continue to get better as a program this will happen more and more. Sometimes you have a young and talented guy who gets beat out by another young and talented guy. It doens’t always work out that the next guy gets his shot.
    Here’s a what if for ya – What if Jake Rodriguez is better than Marcus? (I don’t think that will happen but John Gruden called him the best QB at the Elite 11 (?) competition.) This type of stuff happens.

  • Wood Duck

    If Tyner is as good as he seems he will likely only be in the program 3 years. It would serve no purpose to redshirt him. If he doesn’t play as a freshman it will be either because he is injured or that he is struggling to adjust to the speed of major college football.

  • Bill Bower

    If you watched Byron Marshall at all this year, he did ALRIGHT. He did not do GREAT. He is another Jeremiah Johnson. Thomas Tyner has Deanthony speed with an Adrian Peterson body. If he can even slightly grasp the offense, he will be number 1 running back, with Byron Marshall backing him up, and Deathony still coming in the slot and getting touches anywhere he can. Oregon does NOT want to use Deanthony as a regular back.

  • Andy

    If Marshall played as a freshman and KB is gone I see no way that Tyner or Wilson will not see a bunch of action. I think the only reason Tyner would redshirt is if he gets hurt again.

  • Rodical Duck

    Only because you are a high school educator…….”unpresidented”??? Wood Duck is right. If Tyner is ready, and (a big if) can stay healthy, he will be the starting RB. There is no need to redshirt guys who are ready. The future is now.

    • Gabe Judah

      Yeah, that’s embarrassing. D- for me. :)

  • Phlduck

    Marshall did more than “Allright” as Bill suggests down below. He made big runs very game he played in. He made guys miss at the LOS. He ran through tackles and drug guys into the endzone. He showed a very nice burst and had wiggles in the open field. He’s a heck of a RB. I wish he would have gotten more carries this season, as IMO he earned them. The kid just makes big plays. He may never crack the 80 yarders like LMJ, Kenjon and DAT but he has more than enough top end speed(as evidenced by his run against OSU) to take runs to the barn from a ways out.
    With that being said, I think Tyner will play next season in much the same role that Marshall played this season. It would be smart to RS either Wilson or Tyner, as there is already so much talent on the offense. Not saying that either guy doesn’t have the talent to play, but it would be a smart move IMO for down the road to RS one of those guys

  • Fck the pac12 we want videos

    Thomas should be at WR not runningback like he was in 2011. Marshall and Tyner will split carries