Are Chip Kelly And Dennis Dixon Going To Be Reunited?

Word is coming out from back east regarding the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback situation.  There seems to be a general consensus that the aging and oft-injured Michael Vick will not be a part of Chip Kelly’s offense.  The Eagles do suffer from some contract issues by dismissing Vick, but management appears to be resigned to biting the bullet and moving on.  Nick Foles is next in line, but he’s not the kind of quarterback that is going to fit into a Kelly offense, even if that offense is heavily tweaked to operate on an NFL level.  What Chip Kelly would really like is a quarterback along the lines of Colin Kaepernick; someone who reminds us of — well, let’s say Dennis Dixon.

How about getting Dennis Dixon in person?  Ironically, Dixon is currently on the Raven’s scout team, impersonating none other than … Colin Kaepernick.  Both Kelly and Dixon seem to be keen on getting together and there’s a real possibility that Dixon could be the Eagles quarterback next season.  At the very least, it appears highly probable that Dixon will be in the competition mix.

Will Chip Kelly be able to revive Dennis Dixon’s NFL career as dramatically as he revived Dixon’s Oregon career?  Wouldn’t that be something if he did?

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Carl Blackwell

Carl Blackwell

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