At The Free Throw Line: Dana Altman, Road Warriors


At The Free Throw Line recaps Ducks basketball — the things the Ducks are doing well or going in the Ducks’ favor (FT Made), and the things not going the Ducks’ way or things in need of improvement (FT Missed).


FT Made:  Dana Altman.

We’re beginning to find out this season that Dana Altman was a quality hire.  Ernie Kent had his supporters and detractors, but only the ignorant could deny that coach Kent took Oregon basketball to places it had never been in the modern era.  He left big shoes to fill and huge expectations.  Let’s face it, Dana Altman was something of an unknown quantity when he was hired.  It’s one thing to say academically and optimistically that he was going to work out and improve the Ducks’ basketball program; it’s another thing to see it in action.  Coach Altman has been making unassailable adjustments in practices and in games, and the Ducks’ season record thus far proves that out.

Dana Altman is also the antithesis of Chip Kelly in a news conference.  The media was not going to get much out of Kelly, and often his press conferences were same-old, same-old.  Altman is different.  He’s not afraid to talk about the good, the bad, and the obvious, and he treats every question with respect and candice. 

Dana Altman is showing us why Oregon was very fortunate that he accepted the offer to be our basketball coach. 


FT Made:  Road Wins.

Pac-12 teams need to win at home to stay in the race.  Championship PAC-12 teams need to win on the road.  The Ducks did an outstanding job of taking care of business in LA this last weekend.  They showed mental and physical toughness.  They showed that they are finally coming together as a team.  As important as defense is (and I’m not understating the importance of defense at all), championship teams rebound well.  You don’t go deep into March without rebounding well.  This team is rebounding better than any other Duck team in recent memory.  If the Ducks can continue to be consistent with defense and rebounding, then they will continue to be terrors on the road in PAC-12 play.



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Carl Blackwell

Carl Blackwell

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