At The Free Throw Line: The Offense Is Offensive, Carlos Emory Shines



At The Free Throw Line recaps Ducks basketball — the things the Ducks are doing well or going in the Ducks’ favor (FT Made), and the things not going the Ducks’ way or things in need of improvement (FT Missed).


FT Missed:  The offense.  I mean, turnovers.  I mean, passing.

The offense has been confounding, to say the least.  At times it shows signs of brilliance.  Those moments, however, are overshadowed by a couple of glaring problems.  First, the offense seems to sputter in crunch time, as we witnesses during the UTEP game.  The offense was lost out there in the last minutes of the game, and struggled in the overtimes.  Second, is turnovers – a majority of which are being caused by bad passing.  All through the non-conference schedule, passes have been going wide left or right, going high, or going completely out of bounds.  The Ducks were lucky that Nevada’s shooting was off and that the Duck defense showed up, because there were plenty of hair-pulling moments in wondering “Why are you passing there??”  The passing has to be cleaned up by PAC-12 play, because the opposition will be kicked up a notch — or three.

FT Made:  Carlos Emory.

No team can survive the long haul solely on the play of its starters.  Consistent bench play is also a must.  Carlos Emory has been showing steady improvement during the non-conference schedule.  He blocks.  He assists.  He scores points.  When he’s on fire he’s deadly, and he’s been the spark behind more than one Duck comeback.  The Ducks need continued improvement from Emory.  If he can increase his quality of play and hold it through the season, then he’ll be a significant factor in the Ducks’ goal of reaching the NCAA tournament.



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Carl Blackwell

Carl Blackwell

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