Chip Kelly Is Gone. What a Relief.

A Sad Day For Duck Fans

Chip Kelly Is Gone. What a Relief.

Gabe Judah
Reported by Gabe Judah on January 16, 2013


Chip Kelly Is Gone.  What a Relief.

He’s gone.  Do you feel that hint of relief yet?  You will.  Soon enough.  Get over the pain.  Yes it hurts now, but you brought this upon yourself.  If you had been honest with yourself you would have recognized that the man was not long for this school.

How many Duck fans truly believed that Chip Kelly was going to be coaching Oregon in two years?  More importantly, how many recruits thought that Mr. Kelly would be around long enough for their sophomore year?  Judging by the Duck recruiting rankings, the 18 year-old kids are more honest with themselves than the rest of us.

Coach Kelly has left the Ducks in great shape: national championship caliber athletes and coaches who understand his philosophy and his offense.  The uncertainty we have become used to with a coach who isn’t from this side of the country and who never closed any doors to coaching elsewhere is over.

Yes, I’m sick and sad and disappointed.  But when the Ducks name their new head coach (I’ll be rooting for Mark Helfrich) I will feel the reprieve from the anxiety of knowing the coach is one good offer away to bigger things.

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