Kelly is gone? The Ducks will be Fine.

In the few days since Chip Kelly took the job as the Eagles head coach, there has been an unwarranted negative attitude displayed by some Duck fans.  The Kelly departure certainly is a blow, but the best thing to do is to move forward and work with what we have.  And what we have is exciting!

Mark Helfrich is going to be a great head coach.  Being an understudy of Chip Kelly for the last few years and helping Kelly run his unique offense means that Helfrich is by far the best fit for the Ducks.  He has played a huge role in developing Darron Thomas and Marcus Mariota, and this has been huge in the success of the Ducks during the Chip Kelly era. Sticking with the current system instead of bringing in an outside coach who would shuffle things around will prove very valuable going into a championship or bust Fall 2013 season.

We must also be thankful that Nick Aliotti has decided to remain with the Ducks.  Aliotti was offered an opportunity to join the USC coaching staff and fill the shoes of Monte Kiffin.

As well as Aliotti remaining at Oregon, the Ducks fan base must collectively breathe a sigh of relief for the fact that Gary Campbell remains committed to the Ducks.  Campbell, the longest tenured coach in Ducks history has been the Oregon running backs coach for an astounding 30 years now.  Campbell has helped 12 Oregon running backs rush for over 1000 yards in a single season, and the Ducks have been in the top six in rushing in the nation 5 years in a row.  He was also named as one of the top-10 recruiters in the Pac-12 by in 2010. “Coach Cam’s” impact on Oregon football sometimes goes under-appreciated, as he has managed to orchestrate one of the most powerful running games in all of college football during his Oregon tenure.

Ducks fans must stop worrying, and instead rally around the change.  We should be collectively excited for the future instead of concerned, especially with all the talent returning to the field in fall of 2013.

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Sam Legge

Sam Legge

Sam Legge is a sophomore at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism. He is from Denver, Colorado and has been a huge football fan his whole life. Sam played rugby, golf, and boxed in high school and has a huge passion for sports as well as writing and photography. He chose University of Oregon over Colorado at Boulder mainly for Oregon's athletic prestige, and has since been to every home game at Autzen as well as many basketball games. Sam hopes to use his creative writing skills to provide interesting perspectives on Oregon sports coverage. He welcomes your feedback.

  • Keepitchippy

    I think most Ducks fans are worried about how Chip jumped ship right before national signing day, not that he actually left. Also the NCAA sanctions he helped bring to our door…he will not suffer the consequences.