Mark Helfrich: No Substitute Teacher

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Mark Helfrich: No Substitute Teacher

Gabe Judah
Reported by Gabe Judah on January 27, 2013
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Mark Helfrich: No Substitute Teacher

You know the type.¬† The kid that sees the teacher is out sick, gives the substitute an overly friendly smile and heads to the back of the class, spitballs already forming in his palm.¬† Hello, James Scales, redshirt sophomore who has just been kicked off the Duck football team for violating classroom¬† — I mean team rules. It’s the mature students who treat the new guy with respect.¬† The immature students¬†try to push things.

Then there’s that¬†newcomer in the school district¬†who does his job well and knows what the overly friendly smile truly means.¬†¬†Before the wad of paper is loaded in the pen, the tone of the room has been set.¬† The future offender is already dragging his feet toward the principal’s office.¬† Hello, Mark Helfrich, new head coach of the Oregon Duck football team — and apparently a guy not to be messed with.

Filling in for everybody’s favorite teacher is a hard job.¬† Coach Helfrich has an ever harder job — to replace him.¬† Helfrich has decided that the gauntlet must be thrown down.¬† Now watch your toes, guys.¬† The more I know this¬†man the more I find to like.¬† I hate to lose an athlete who has the skill to get on the field as an underclassmen.¬† But I’m thinking long-run, and I want a coach that isn’t cool with the rules being broken.

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