Oregon TE Commit has the Credentials

Chip Kelly has reiterated many times that when it comes to an ideal Oregon Duck quarterback he looks for a great passing QB who can run, not a running back who can throw.  Although it has not been said as such, I believe  similar criteria can be applied to the ideal Oregon Duck tight end.

What Oregon looks for in a TE is a great blocker who can also catch, and not a receiver who can block. Oregon Duck quarterbacks are called on infrequently to run, but when they do it often results in significant gains.  The threat of the QB run forces a defense to account for the threat of the extra runner.

Oregon tight ends are rarely called on to receive a pass, but when they do it are usually for a significant gain.  This, too, forces the defense to account for the threat of the extra receiver.

In the same manner that Oregon needs a quarterback who can primarily be a decision maker on the variety of read options and a passer, the Oregon tight end is primarily a blocker who is a critical asset to the running game.

John Mundt

Oregon’s latest tight end recruit, 6′-5″ 235 lb John Mundt from Modesto, California, fits this profile almost perfectly.  While averaging only two catches a game he has posted an average of 20 yards per completion for his Central Catholic team.  There is little doubt that John Mundt can catch the ball. He has soft hands that would make many a receiver jealous.  Mundt has also shown wide receiver-like abilities when it comes to using his athleticism to adjust to the ball in order to make a difficult catch.

But this all misses the point.  As we previously discussed, what Oregon requires is a tight end that can make the necessary blocks at both the line of scrimmage and downfield.  This is where Mundt excels.  He brings a defensive end mentality to his blocking game.  In fact, as a defensive end Mundt accumulated 14.5 sacks in his senior year.  I suspect it was this underlying nasty attitude combined with great athletic ability that lead Oregon to take a closer look. His receiver skills perhaps sealed the deal.

So what else do we know about John Mundt?

  • Like many Duck recruits, he is an excellent student, posting a 3.8 GPA.
  • He is a team player. One reason he committed to Oregon last June was so that he could focus on his team’s success and not be distracted by the temptation to make himself look good.
  • His team won the California Division IV State Championship
  • He recently moved up in the Scout.com rankings to the #13 TE nationally and was given a 4-star rating.
  • In the Nike SPARQ agility tests Mundt posted a score of 114.57, the second highest score nationally for a tight end and the 51st highest score overall.

If you are still not convinced that John Mundt was destined to be an Oregon Duck consider this, as reported by Scout.com:

“I love overcast, rainy weather.”

Well then, welcome to Oregon, John Mundt!

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Ted Werth

Ted Werth

Ted Werth is a long time Duck fan whose first game, at age 11, resulted in Bobby Moore (Ahmad Rashad) setting the Oregon single game rushing record against Utah. a record which stood for almost 30 years. A longtime season ticket holder, Ted writes the Life's Been Good blog found at Lbgtmsf.com.

  • We seem pretty heavy at TE, with Pharoah and Koa getting some time here and there behind Colt last year. I remember Evan Bayliss was getting a ton of hype after the spring I heard one of the coaches saying he picked up the system better than most frosh, had a couple catches in the spring game.. Now Mundt? Any news on any of these guys switching to the other side of the ball and becoming the next Dion Jordan? Seems to my like Baliss and Daniel played solid D in HS. Both 6 ft 6 and 250 ish.

    Funny what a year can do, when Paulson left there was quite a bit of concern at TE depth behind Colt.

    • Interesting that with the injury to Pharoah that Mundt has claimed the backup spot to Colt for the opening game.

    • hokieduck

      Christian French, former TE, is now on that side of the ball.

      • Jason Curtis

        My comment = 8 months ago. A lot has changed since then.
        “hokie” duck. You in VA? I’m out in TN and making a road trip to that game.

        • hokieduck

          Grew up in SW VA, JC. Graduated from VT and W&L then came out West. Living in PDX. Became a Duck fan when I first moved out here over 25 years ago. I LOVE college football and wanted to pick a team to cheer for, hated orange (thought VT’s colors absolutely atrocious) and loved green. Voila! I picked the Ducks! At the time, both teams were so awful it really didn’t matter. Little did I know how passionate I would become over my little *pigment* pick.

          Still love the Hokies and watch whenever I can. Frank Beamer drives me crazy but Bud Foster is the bomb.

          I was actually thinking about going back to visit in September and catching the UVA game and a Hokie game. Unfortunately, a work project intervened in my plans. Go represent, JC!

          Go Hokies. Go Ducks. WTD.

  • I guess it won’t matter much what Chip the DIABOLICLE INSANE ASS, who’s no longer our Coach now according to ESPN sources, I just don’t honestly get the MAN, as far as I can tell he’s a little LOWER in my estimation as Lance I didn’t do it Armstrong. What a bunch of LIEING HYPOCRITE’s in society today. Well on a good note I hope he fail’s and get’s fired within 3 year’s.

    • hokieduck

      Sir, if you insist on YELLING at people online, you might want to learn how to use spellcheck.

      • hokieduck

        And the content of your post isn’t even deserving of response.

        Go Chip. Go Eagles.