Revolutionizing a revolutionary offense?

Oregonian sports writer Adam Jude believes the hiring of new wide receiver coach Matt Lubick may signal a change in philosophy for the Oregon offense.  The usual run-first attack may evolve to a more pass-heavy offense next year.  Lubick, who coached at Duke last year, was recently named the wide receivers coach of the year by  He brings with him an offensive philosophy that could revolutionize an already revolutionary offense.

Josh Huff, right, will be heavily relied on next year if Oregon becomes more pass heavy.

According to ESPN, Duke had three receivers with over 65 receptions each last year.  To put that in perspective, De’Anthony Thomas led the Ducks with 45 receptions, and he’s a running back!  Josh Huff led the Oregon receiver corps with 32 receptions – meager compared to the Duke receiving corps.  If the Ducks do throw more, the receivers will have to step up and change the way they play the game.

Oregon’s offense relies heavily on blocking from their receivers when running their fast-paced offense.  Last season, Oregon receivers were feared by foes for formidable blocking and were a large reason for the Ducks’ success on the ground.  If the Ducks switch to a more pass-happy offense it will be interesting to see how the receivers transition to their new role, and if they can do so and still maintain their reputation as the meanest downfield blockers in the PAC.

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