Thank You Chip, For “Unfinished Business”

Chip Kelly Watching The Game

Chip Kelly may be leaving for the NFL.  On the other hand, he might not.  The media garbage that you’re hearing about CK’s departure being imminent is solely for the sake of getting you to read the story at hand, and it’s without the slightest modicum of neural synapses.

That’s because Chip Kelly has no idea what he’s going to do.

Sure, he’s going to entertain offers.  He’s going to examine some NFL programs to see if there’s something that suits him.  He may find something to his liking, and he may not.  We as Ducks fans will burn that bridge when we get there.

Right now, no one is obsessing about his departure.  This isn’t a year ago, when news of Chip Kelly leaving stabbed the Oregon faithful in the heart.  It’s different now.  We know what’s coming and we know we’ll be ok.

Why will we be ok? Regardless of CK leaving, we will still have one the the most stable assistant organizations in college football.  Last night, I had to endure yet another misinformed ESPN sports announcer declare that the reason the Ducks would be ok if Kelly left was that “the Win The Day” mantra existed before the arrival of Chip Kelly.  Nonsense.  Cow chips.  The reason that Oregon football will remain elite is in its stable of very long term assistant coaches — the same coaches CK inherited, and the same ones that will be here when he leaves.  These are the guys doing the recruiting and building the relationships with recruits.  These are the guys that have been around CK and know the system.  This is the reason there will be no dropoff.

But if Chip Kelly goes to the NFL, all I have to say is “thank you.”  Thank you for finishing business.  The Oregon Ducks will survive and continue their reign, because you stuck around and prepared everyone — coaches, players, and fans — for your departure.

If he stays? We’re still good.  We’re still the Oregon Ducks!

Thank you, Chip, for attending to your “unfinished business.”

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Carl Blackwell

Carl Blackwell

Carl (Editor and Writer) has been an avid fan of the Ducks for nearly 20 years. He worked in a great variety of professions, as well as being a business owner and manager, before lending his talents to the Fishduck team. Carl does writing, but is mostly behind the scenes at Fishduck, in providing management and vision support, and as the Publisher and Senior Editor.