The Duck Offense Needs to Be Stubbornly Vanilla in the Fiesta Bowl

The foundation of Chip Kelly’s offense at Oregon is simple and predictable. That’s a good thing. The read-option offense does not rely on surprise. It is all about execution, and when the athletes do their jobs it is very hard to stop. This is why the Ducks should run the base inside zone read and outside zone read for the first twelve plays of the game.

Think about the recent losses the Ducks have suffered — against Stanford this year, USC last year, and Auburn the year before, the Ducks were told by the opponent that the base offense wasn’t going to work. It didn’t work, and the Ducks lost. The Ducks adjusted too early and the other team didn’t have to worry about the play that creates the “blur.”

Thursday, Kansas State will try to do the same thing, and Oregon should just keep pounding the rock. If Chip Kelly shows Bill Snyder that he will not give up on the zone read then Kansas State will have to line up to stop it every play. That will eventually open up the passing game and some misdirection plays. I don’t care if the Ducks go three and out all first quarter. I don’t want Kansas State to decide what type of plays the Ducks should run. Execute early, adjust later, and Win The Day.

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Gabe Judah

Gabe Judah

Gabe Judah (Editor and Writer) is a high school educator, two time UofO graduate, a frenzied father of two, a fortunate husband of one, and a thoughtful fan of Duck athletics. While at the UofO, Gave pitched for the club baseball team, but perhaps his greatest contribution to Oregon sports was when he helped a Sporting News All-American safety pass a 200 level Spanish class.

  • tsherman1

    it appears that you were right on!!!!