2013 Preseason College Football Rankings – My Top 10

I love football and cannot ever get enough of it.  Even though the season is more than half a year away, it’s so much fun to look ahead and see which teams have a chance to hoist the last BCS National Championship trophy before we finally get the playoff we have all been wanting.  Now that the frenzy of National Signing Day is behind us, we can look ahead.  We still have to go through spring practice, injuries, and some schools will add a Juco player here or there in the summer (though most are never that impactful).  However, the roster for every college football team is essentially set at this time.  The big question will be, is this the year the SEC finally gets dethroned?  Take a look at my Top 10 Preseason College Football Rankings and let me know your reactions.

  1. Alabama: How could you not put them here?
  2. Ohio State: Braxton Miller is the best player in the Big Ten, second year under Urban Meyer, and a weak conference schedule.
  3. Oregon: A new coaching staff won’t slow this team down.  They will play fast and always have.
  4. Stanford: Returns 10 starters on defense.
  5. South Carolina: Two words- Jadeveon Clowney.
  6. Texas A&M: Johnny Football will make up for big losses up front.
  7. Clemson: Taj Boyd and Sammy Watkins give them a great one-two punch in the ACC.
  8. Georgia: Aaron Murray and the running game will be strong, but Dogs’ defense loses some teeth.
  9. Florida: Need to be more consistent on offense, but that defense will be great.
  10. Louisville: Terry Bridgewater is a legit Heisman candidate.


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FishDuck Staff

FishDuck Staff

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  • robert

    teddy bridgewater

  • Head understands the ranking and likes. Head also knows about Ducks Magic. Oregon #1. Go Ducks!!! :-D

  • Just made our hotel reservations for next fall at the inn at 5th. Bringing a bunch of vols fans with us. Two new head coaches ought a make this an interesting game. Looking forward to the experience. We met a bunch of ducks when they came to knoxville for the first game in the series.

  • Stanford’s defense will stop oregon in its tracks they have 10 returning starters and only let oregon get 14 points last season and you don’t have barner anymore

    • Sobakawa Pillow

      Oregon is going to stomp Stanford into a mud hole next year without Barner, as good as KB was. You must have forgot the previous two games where your boy Luck, Harbaugh & co got bricked by three touchdowns per.

      Hats off to Stanford for a great effort last season in Autzen, but it was a fluke at best, just like Cal in 2010 (also a 17-14 game) everyone thought they had the Ducks O figured out, a “blueprint” – and then they get completely boat-raced in their next two games.

      More power to Stan, and I may reconsider if they can hold the Ducks under 20, or hell, under 35 ever again.

      Stans O got even worse with personnel loses in the offseason, and they couldn’t score against anyone last year. They will need all the points they can get to have any chance, and not just against Oregon.

      Stanford will lose 4 games next year.

  • The odds maker

    I saw Carolina play last year Clowney is unstoppable. It always takes two to block him if the gamecocks can get any offence going they will not lose. The old ball coach is there for one reason to win it all. as we all know a good defence is better than a great offence!!!!!