5-star, No-star, Doesn’t Matter

Being a highly touted recruit definitely has its upside.  You are treated like royalty, told you are the best thing ever, and are unfairly physically gifted.  However, we continue to see unheralded recruits make massive impacts in college and go on to have even bigger impacts in the NFL, while we watch sure-thing prospects fall by the wayside.  Being a 5-Star recuit must be nice, but having a chip on your shoulder going into college and feeling unfairly under-rated is something head coaches look for.  Head coaches want heart, fight, determination, and the will to never give up.  Generally, those qualities align themselves with players who’ve had to prove (not just be told) they were good enough to make it.

Kenjon Barner was a 3-Star recruit at DB and ended up being a game changing RB for the Ducks.

Lamichael James was a 3-star recruit on just about every recruiting site, and look what he did for the Ducks during his time in Eugene.  The list goes on.  Dennis Dixon wasn’t a heralded recruit but went on to almost win a Heisman and lead us to a National Title berth (damn his ACL).  Across the country there is no lack of players who are told coming out of high school that they’ll never make it.  Plain and simple, you want some of those kids on your team -  the kids who fight until the last whistle and play their hearts out to prove to themselves and to the scouts that they got it wrong.

With national signing day having just past us, I thought it appropriate to quote a tweet from an NFL Defensive Player of the Year candidate who reinforces my opinion, “Congrats to all recruits signing today. 5* or No-star, doesn’t matter.  It’s all about the work you put in & sacrifices you make” #Former2Star.   I couldn’t have said it any better myself.  The recruiting system is flawed, but then again, I like surprises and knowing that the best player in a recruiting class can have any number of stars or even no star at all.

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Alex Hausman

Alex Hausman

Alex Hausman is a Senior at the University of Oregon.  He is a cinema studies major and communications minor.  Alex is from the Bay Area and grew up a Cal Bears fan due to many family members attending, but quickly transitioned into being apart of Duck Nation upon his arrival at the U of O.  Alex also works as an ESPNU campus connector as a representative of Oregon.  He hopes to break into the sports media and marketing world once he graduates in June.  All in all Alex is a huge Pac-12 and passionate Duck fan.  Alex would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about each and every one of his articles.  

  • Eric H

    A little deeper research would show that Dennis Dixon and LMJ weren’t exactly unheralded recruits. According to Scout, Dixon was the 8th best QB in the 2003 class. With LMJ, he was a low 4-star on Rivals.