‘Colt 15’ Is a Scary Human Being…Is He Human?


Colt Lyerla is the Ducks’ best-kept secret.  With 25 receptions for 392 yards and six touchdowns, he’s seemingly forgotten in the discussion of best tight ends in the country – but he shouldn’t be.  Lyerla has all-conference ability and first-round draft potential; Here is why:

Colt Lyerla is thick, really thick.

1.  Size:  It’s impossible to train natural size.  Size isn’t earned; it’s given.  Spencer Paysinger tweeted during Lyerla’s freshman season: “Colt Lyerla weighs more as a freshman than I did as a senior!”  Not many people in the world healthily carry around 250 pounds, even at 6’5”, and they certainly don’t look the part of Goliath-conforming ‘Colt 15’.  Too many times to count did three or more tacklers team up to bring the big man down.  At 270 pounds, I guarantee you his six-pack would still protrude from his midriff.

Lyerla’s box jumping workout paying dividends.

2.  Blocking:  With his size flares patent blocking.  The USC game of 2012 comes to mind when I think of greatest blocking performances in a football game and Lyerla was chiefly the reason.  After a reception on the first drive, Lyerla didn’t break from the line for the rest of the game.  Instead, he punished linebackers and defensive ends unmercifully, opening holes and sealing edges for Kenjon Barner’s career performance.  Lyerla is often underutilized in the passing game, but it’s only because his blocking is so damn filthy!

3.  Athleticism:  No tight end in the country manifests the sheer athleticism of Oregon’s starting tight end.  The catch against Washington comes to mind, where Lyerla slants across the middle of the endzone, leaping to catch a rocket from Marcus Mariota.  In conjunction, not many teams can line up their tight end as a running back and see him take seven carries for 63 yards (9.0 average) and a touchdown.  I’m sorry, but who in the heck does that

See Charles’ article for more of the freak show that is ‘Colt 15’.


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Brandon Gruber

Brandon Gruber

Brandon is a senior at The University of Oregon majoring in Film Studies and minoring in Communications. Brandon has been a Duck fan for ten years since he moved from southern California to Salem, Oregon, and quickly realized the Ducks were the missing piece in his life. A Pac-12 fan since birth, much of his family attended UCLA and has since converted all of them to the Quack Attack. Brandon interned for the Statesman Journal covering the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes and hopes to work for the Pac-12 in the near future. He also hopes to see the "Flying-V" formation played out on the football field in the fall of 2013. Brandon would love your feedback on any and all articles. Tweet me: @BrandonGruber

  • Brian Keith Mason – Duck fool!

    Your absolutely right on the money here! I have long wondered how there can be so much effusive praise for Stanford’s 4-7 tight end production, or the guy with the 3 names for the “dogs” when our own Colt Lyerla is the epitome of efficiency at the position? I suppose it will all even out if we take a national championship; if they don’t recognize him now, I guarantee they’ll recognize him at the combine….

  • Damnlookatthat

    He is perfect and for some reason I want to be his dick boy.