Does “WTD” Follow Chip To Philly?

As I listened intently to Eagles quarterback Michael Vick on the radio this morning talk of “Winning every day,” I couldn’t help but wonder…

Does “Win The Day” follow Chip to Philidelphia, or does Oregon reserve the right?

Obviously, at this point the logo for, and the mantra of, “Win The Day” are engraved in Oregon fans’ heads.  Since 2009, when that quirky, plump head coach first told fans and players alike to “WTD,” that saying has been adopted as sort of a rallying cry for all of Oregon nation.  Try walking through the Duck Store for more than 10 seconds without spotting the letters WTD, or seeing the logo splattered across a shirt; it won’t happen.

Two questions come to mind: Does the school legally pursue the right to keep that saying, ala the “Roll Tide” of Alabama?  And, does new coach Mark Helfrich — a Chip disciple – believe in the motto himself?  As the head coach, it’s his job to instill his beliefs into the players…but what does Helfrich think?  Does he believe you should “Win The Day,” or is he more of a “Let’s conquer as many days as we can, and see how things turn out” kind of guy?

Only time will tell on this pressing matter.  (Hey, give me a break…recruiting is done, and there’s two months before spring ball; let my mind wander a little…)

I would love to be there when Helfrich is asked this for the first time, because you know he will give an honest answer.  Unlike his predecessor, the newest leader of the squad is open and jovial with the writer folk, and his answer — as trivial as the question may be —  could give some insight into how the program will be run from here on out.

You see, it’s the little things that often give a peek into the biggest windows.  Silly question?  Important answer.

For now, I’ll just assume that the players will continue to “WTD,” until they are told otherwise.

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Joel Gunderson

Joel Gunderson

Joel Gunderson grew up in a small town, where the only thing he did for fun was worship the Oregon Ducks. He later moved to Eugene, where he studied journalism at the U of O. After working in radio, he married the woman of his dreams and settled down. Joel now spends his days studying Journalism and the fine world of grammar, all the while worshiping the ground that Charles "Chip" Kelly walks on! Follow him on twitter @gundy85

  • Typo McSmith

    a Chip *disciple

  • hokieduck

    I think it was the Cal coaches room that I saw in a photo on NSD where they had Win The Day painted on their wall. That was just wrong!