Dominic Artis Injury Update

At the men’s basketball press conference yesterday, it is worth noting that Dominic Artis made an appearance.  The mood of the press conference was somber, as word was relayed that the Ducks have not yet heard from the doctor regarding the status of Artis’ foot injury.  An obviously downtrodden Artis was still in a boot and was clearly bummed out by the latest development, or lack thereof.  What’s more, the prevailing mood of the press conference is that we’re not likely to see Dominic Artis playing any time soon.

Even if the Ducks can win out the majority of their remaining regular season games, the spectre looms of Artis not being available for the post-season.  If that’s the case, hopes of the Ducks having a meaningful tournament season could be quickly extinguished.  The basketball team has said that not having Artis is not an excuse for poor play as of late.  Excuses are what you provide when you don’t have reasons, and it is clear as day that the reason the Ducks have been struggling of late is the absence of Dominic Artis. The numbers don’t lie.

Are we going to have Artis for the PAC-12 tournament and beyond?  That is an open, unsettling question that right now has no answer in sight.

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Carl Blackwell

Carl Blackwell

Carl (Editor and Writer) has been an avid fan of the Ducks for nearly 20 years. He worked in a great variety of professions, as well as being a business owner and manager, before lending his talents to the Fishduck team. Carl does writing, but is mostly behind the scenes at Fishduck, in providing management and vision support, and as the Publisher and Senior Editor.