Ducks Snap Three Game Skid; Barely

A lot of negativity was surrounding the Oregon Ducks Men’s basketball team after having lost three straight conference games to subpar opponents and having a 20 game home winning streak snapped at the hands of a very mediocre Colorado squad.  However, Mr. Cool himself, Dana Altman knew it wasn’t time to panic or fret.  Rather he and his men regrouped to beat a weak, but scrappy Utah squad in what was no doubt a must win game last night.  E.J. Singler had 21 points and added 8 rebounds to pace the Ducks to a 73-64 home victory over the cellar-dwelling Utes.

The Ducks will have to continue to find ways to win without Artis as his foot injury appears to be more serious than originally though

Last nights victory had an eerily similar feel to the previous games against Colorado and Cal.  In all three contests, the Ducks held more than one possession leads with less than five minutes remaining.  Against Cal and even more so against the Buffs of Colorado our offense was virtually shut out.  However, with the game on the line last night, the Ducks in the same situation, and the crowd begging for a win, these Ducks found a way to get it done.  It was never pretty, but all that was needed at the end of the day was an all-important W.

Post presence was lacking last night…That’ll have to change against the Huskies.

Senior Jason Washburn led the Utes with 20 points last night and was a tough cover for whichever big man was assigned the task of slowing him down.  He single handedly kept the Utes in the ballgame in the final 10 minutes.  Thankfully, his adept offensive play wasn’t enough for the Utes.  The Ducks broke there three game skid last night and with that hopefully picked up some confidence heading up to Husky Territory.

Last night’s victory was huge.  No other way than that to put it.  With perhaps the season on the line, we responded in a big way.

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