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You may have read that Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles were interested in acquiring Dennis Dixon.  A few days ago, that speculation became more than just talk with the signing of Dixon, who will be joining Michael Vick, Nick Foles, and Trent Edwards.

My original thinking was that Vick would be released by the Eagles, who I did not see as willing to pony up over 15 million for Vick’s services next season.  Previous to signing Dixon, however, the Eagles restructured Vick’s contract to the tune of a tad over 10 million for the 2013 season.  That’s a very interesting development.  What Vick seems to be saying by restructuring, and taking a money hit, is that he feels he has his best shot at success in the NFL by playing under the coach that is most suited to implementing a system that will work on Michael Vick’s strengths — Chip Kelly.

Early word (and what you will read in the NFL News link) has Dennis Dixon competing with Trent Edwards for the spot behind Nick Foles.  I don’t see that at all.  What I’m seeing is a situation that has Vick as the starter, and when he gets injured — and he’s more likely than not to get injured over the course of a season — the Eagles will be able to keep exactly the same offensive system in place if Dixon is the backup.  With Foles or Edwards, Kelly would have to make some significant adjustments to accommodate their presence as the backup.  That won’t be the case with Dennis Dixon.

This has all the makings of being a win-win-win situation; good for Chip Kelly, good for Michael Vick, and good for Dennis Dixon.  The Eagles’ 2013 season will be very interesting to track.

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Carl Blackwell

Carl Blackwell

Carl (Editor and Writer) has been an avid fan of the Ducks for nearly 20 years. He worked in a great variety of professions, as well as being a business owner and manager, before lending his talents to the Fishduck team. Carl does writing, but is mostly behind the scenes at Fishduck, in providing management and vision support, and as the Publisher and Senior Editor.

  • Never “former” Ducks. Once a Duck, always a Duck!

    • Carl

      They are not presently Ducks. I tend to think that the “Once a Duck, always a Duck” mantra does not apply to Chip Kelly at all.

  • Sam Arney

    Nice post! I agree fully with your thoughts on Dixon as backup if something happens, I also think Kelly pulled him in to help actually coach Vick and show him how the read option works. What are your thoughts on that?

    • Carl

      It’s going to be interesting to see to what extent the Eagles offense use zone read plays. I’m sure that Charles Fishduck will be paying attention to that! But yes, we’re going to have a competition at QB at Philly, and regardless of the order both Dixon and Vick stand to get better as they learn from each other.