Hearts, Flowers and a Get Out of Jail Valentine

No pressure guys, but next Thursday is a pretty important day.  It’s the one day out of the year that you get a chance to prove to your gal that inside of your chest beats the heart of a sensitive poet

Your lips are cotton candy, and your other stuff is dandy.



and not just the spleen of a lout who likes to watch football and


Now if you have been a good and attentive man all year (and who among us has not) you can probably skate V-Day with something tasteful and traditional


or maybe even an offer to wear this


But for a very few of us, Valentine’s Day has a lot at stake.  Remember the time that your wife got home just when the neighbor lady dropped by to borrow a cup of whiskey?

Thank you for the scotch. Are those your arms or cannons from the USS Constitution?


That didn’t go very well, did it?  After that afternoon your Valentine’s Day gift should probably run more toward


But the one gift that will say what most of us want to say,  ”Thank you for sharing my laughs at Oregon State, my tears over Stanford, my life of craziness, and my love for you, the kids, and the University of Oregon.”


Happy Valentine’s Day gentlemen, and to your ladies I ask what my wife is asked all the time.  ”How do you put up with him?”




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