I Think George Orwell Was a Duck Fan

My nephew's favorite helmet

I make my students sing.¬† The University of Oregon has a great fight song.¬† The tune is one I can’t get out of my head.¬† One day while teaching George Orwell’s Animal Farm I was trying to figure out how to get my students to remember the lyrics to “Beasts of England,” the song the rebellious animals sing as they fight for their freedom.¬† I needed a tune to which I could sing the song–oh yes, I’m that kind of teacher.¬† I found that the lyrics to “Beasts of England” fit perfectly to the tune of “Mighty Oregon.”¬† Every verse works.¬† I instantly had a new extra credit assignment.

Over the last four years I’ve heard that song from numerous desperate students.¬† When I first started teaching, the Beavers were the team to follow in my hometown.¬† Now, the tune (get it?) is different.¬† Many of my students know the melody of “Mighty Oregon” even before I offer extra credit.¬† On any day I see double, if not triple, the number of Duck jerseys to the number of orange and black attire in the halls.¬† I can only imagine that our in-state recruiting is set for the next few generations of high schoolers.

What has this story shown me about the Ducks?  Well, I guess that there is now no aspect of my life that is safe from my obsession with all things green and yellow.  I love the University of Oregon, and I hope that my love for the school, academic and athletic, passes from me to all those that I spend time with every day.

[Editor’s note: Due to family demands, Gabe will be on leave from FishDuck for an indefinite period of time. ¬†We will miss your insight, Gabe, wish you the best, and look forward to your return!]

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Gabe Judah

Gabe Judah

Gabe Judah is a high school educator, two time UofO graduate, a frenzied father of two, a fortunate husband of one, and a thoughtful fan of Duck athletics. While at the UofO, Gave pitched for the club baseball team, but perhaps his greatest contribution to Oregon sports was when he helped a Sporting News All-American safety pass a 200 level Spanish class.