Three Things That Could Keep Oregon From A Title

With the football season still 7 months away, it’s time to find the pitfalls that could derail Oregon’s bid for a title.

In my opinion, there are three things that stand in their way.

NCAA Sanctions

Tired of hearing about them?  Join the crowd.  The fact remains, though, that they are coming.  Only the severity is being left to question, and that answer should be here soon.  If Oregon gets through with only a few scrapes, everything should stay on course.  A bowl ban or infinite lost scholarships will obviously end this conversation.  Assuming that they make it out, that still leaves two obstacles…

The “Helfrich unknown”

If new coach Mark Helfrich does not succeed, it’s safe to say he has no one to blame but himself.  The 2013 version will undoubtedly be the most talent the school has ever had, from rising, established stars, to touted youngsters.

An experienced, Heisman-candidate at quarterback, a stable of running backs that would make any coach envious, and a defense that year-in-and-year-out rises to the occassion return.  De’Anthony Thomas is back.  Veteran, savvy receivers are aplenty.  The only question mark remains the coach.  Can he survive a tricky non-conference schedule?  Does he carry the “Win The Day” attitude that Chip did?  Can they topple mighty Stanford on the road?  If the answers are yes, then only one question mark remains…

THE Ohio State University

Yep.  That’s right.  Not Alabama, not Florida or Texas.  Oregon’s main obstacle in the next few seasons lies in the Big 10.  Urban Meyer, fresh off an undefeated opening campaign, is stock-piling talent in a conference where he will have no equal.  It’s highly conceivable the Ohio State could go undefeated in the next two-to-three seasons.  With no team anywhere near them from a playmaker standpoint, and adding in Meyer as perhaps the best coach in the country, it appears that OSU (The real one) could coast by for the foreseeable future.

An Oregon-Ohio State title game?  I could get behind that.

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