A door opens wide for the Oregon mens basketball team!  Washington State upset the Bruins last night 73-61 in Pullman as Brock Motum had a monster game, and gave Oregon the opportunity to win the conference crown!  Stanford beat Cal 83-70 last evening to put the Bears out of serious contention for the championship and set the table for the Ducks!  Let’s look at the standings:

Oregon  12-4

UCLA  12-5

Arizona  11-6

Colorado  9-7

It becomes clear that if Oregon wins both their games they are the sole conference champion of the regular season, and if they split and UCLA beats Washington then Oregon would be tied with the Bruins.  Since the tie-breaker is head-to-head and the Ducks beat UCLA in Pauley earlier this season, Oregon would be champs!  We want the clear-cut championship!  Let’s go Ducks!

Please note that we are not celebrating another team losing, but pointing out the opportunity for our beloved Ducks.  Oh these are big games tonight and Saturday!


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