As Far As Championships Go: Basketball Or Football?

Dennis Dixon’s ACL injury derailed Oregon’s title hopes. Photo courtesy of Zimbo.

With the resurgence of the men’s basketball team over the past two seasons, I can’t help but reminisce about the year 2007. I was living in Eugene it what can only be described as the height of Oregon Athletics. The football team was a freight train headed straight toward the BCS title, with the runaway Heisman winner, Dennis Dixon.

Then, those dreams crumpled to the turf in Tuscon, Arizona on a cold November night, and just like that, the dream was over.

Fast forward a couple months, and Ernie Kent’s squad was on a similar track, an exciting, veteran squad that had captured the state. Led by Aaron Brooks, Malik Hairston, Maarty Leunen and Bryce Harper, it appeared as if Oregon was on pace to capture its second national title in school history.

That team then ran into a Florida Gators squad littered with NBA talent, and, again, the dreams were dashed.

This raises the question as fans: would you rather see a title in basketball or football?

Oregon’s Elite 8 appearance was a wild ride. Photo courtesy of The Oregonian

We appear headed for another dilemma of the same sort. Football is rolling, with a projected top-5 team entering the fall, and basketball is in the NCAA tournament for the first time under Dana Altman. Both squads appear to be set up for long term success, with excellent coaches, facilities and support.

I know for me, personally, football holds a special place in my heart. While the sport of basketball was my first love, Oregon football was my first connection to the school, and a championship would mean more to me than anything else.

What about you? If you were under a microscope, and had to choose one…what would it be? Basketball or football?

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