Does Anyone Want to Win Pac-12?


After our fighting Ducks were mutilated in Boulder to fall back into a first place tie with UCLA it got me thinking — is there any team out there that actually wants to win this thing?

Dominic Artis’ return hasn’t sparked the Ducks offensively like we had hoped.

After watching the Pac-12 action Wednesday night and seeing both UCLA and CAL come out and play like they had nothing to play for and get run off the court by Washington State and Stanford respectively, I really thought the Ducks would take advantage of the unlikely opportunity that presented itself Thursday night.  A win against the Buffaloes of Colorado and we would have secured the #1 seed in next week’s conference tournament and we would all have much better tastes in our mouths going into the regular season finale against the Utes of Utah.

Unfortunately, it seems that no one in the conference wants to take the regular season crown.  Arizona has lost 3 of its last 4, including getting swept last weekend by USC and UCLA down in southern California.  UCLA lost Wednesday night to a Wazzoo team that was 2-14 in conference play heading into the ballgame.  And don’t even get me started on Cal who decided (much like the Ducks) not to show up to play or didn’t realize what the start time was.  With the likes of all the Pac-12 favorites losing during the final week of the regular season, it begs the question; does anyone want to win the conference outright?  Thankfully, our Ducks hold the tie-break with UCLA and a win on Saturday against a below average Utah squad will give us the #1 seed and a bye in next week’s conference tournament.

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Alex Hausman

Alex Hausman

Alex Hausman is a Senior at the University of Oregon.  He is a cinema studies major and communications minor.  Alex is from the Bay Area and grew up a Cal Bears fan due to many family members attending, but quickly transitioned into being apart of Duck Nation upon his arrival at the U of O.  Alex also works as an ESPNU campus connector as a representative of Oregon.  He hopes to break into the sports media and marketing world once he graduates in June.  All in all Alex is a huge Pac-12 and passionate Duck fan.  Alex would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about each and every one of his articles.