Ducks Do it Again

Arsalan Kazemi has been an absolute beast so far in the tournament. He will have to continue that play for the Ducks to advance past top seeded Louisville.
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We were all feeling pretty good after watching our Mighty Fighting Ducks dominate a solid Oklahoma State team from the always-considered-better BIG-12.   After watching the Ducks paste a very good defensive and very efficient offensive squad in St. Louis (who won the regular season and conference tournament in the ultra-competitive Atlantic-10 conference), we can now all say with conviction that Oregon was straight up wronged by the NCAA tournament selection committee for putting that little number 12 next to their name. 

Oregon beat two very good teams in Oklahoma St. and St. Louis, and now they get the very lofty honor of playing the number one overall seed in the tournament, Louisville.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  Louisville is a whole different beast than the likes of OK St. and St. Louis.  Louisville is in a league of another kind; one that few others are in.  While the Ducks were the talk of the town after being severely under seeded by the selection committee, the Cardinals have been the favorite since the tournament started and their performances in their first two games have done nothing to convince anyone otherwise.

Oregon can play with Louisville — and for that matter anyone in the country – if the Ducks continue to play the way they have in the first two games of the tourney.  However, it is going to take an almost perfect performance from the overachieving Ducks to continue the magical ride toward a Final Four berth.  All we can hope for now is that they to continue to play the way they have, and hope that Louisville comes out flat on Friday.

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