Is Altman fulfilling your Vision?

There were so many times in past years when I yearned for good coaching on the Oregon basketball court.  I wanted to see a well run half-court offense, but also a team that would fast break after a opponent basket, or after yet another steal.  I wondered what it would be like to see tough defense from Oregon, and blocking out on the glass!  I wanted to see smart play from the team and an obvious chemistry between the players and the coach, as it was this time of year when I WOULD see it in the NCAA playoffs on other teams and I wished for better for my beloved Ducks.

Kevin Cline Photography

Is he on course?

I am not wishing any more.  I am now seeing all those components of a good team from Dana Altman, first in small doses, but growing as the three years moved along and he could develop his style and team he wanted to coach.  We have gone from the bottom third of the conference to the top in three seasons!  Dana and his staff (I believe)  have done a fantastic job recruiting with where he began and all the players who were here for a short time.  When I hear players complimenting their coach for the game-plan, or beginning to integrate the offense to where they KNOW what coach Altman wants on the court….THAT is chemistry.

Coach Altman is fulfilling my vision of what I hoped Oregon basketball could become, and it is obvious we have some wonderful entertainment in future seasons!  Agree?




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