Liz Brenner…..COME ON!

I am already feeling my inadequacies as an old athlete when watching my beloved Ducks…and then Liz Brenner comes along.  Her kill shots in volleyball this last fall were legendary and could put a major hurt on the competitor, thus she was a big reason for our NCAA championship match appearance.  Many of us recall that she played basketball as well these last two winters and had the fast twitch enough to score on some nice moves.  I was stunned last spring to see her put on a softball jersey and get hits for our nationally ranked softball team!  Wow–we have not had a multiple sport athlete like that since Jordan Kent.

Until LB, that is.

Now I learn she is out for track & field and throwing the javelin?  A fourth sport?  Are you kidding me?  I am shaking my head, because we all know it is more than athleticism,  it is also the extreme mental aspects that take place at the collegiate level.  Keeping a cool head while remembering the details of an offense or the correct form?  It confuses me thinking about it, and she is doing it!  It will be fun to see if she can progress quickly enough to help the womens track and field team in their quest for an outdoor NCAA championship.

This is like the late-80s, when Bo Jackson did the Nike commercials showing us all the sports he could play and excel at.  Bo does what?  Liz does what?  (I’ll bet she could do acrobatics & tumbling to boot…)


Featured photo © Gary Breedlove

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