Off-Season Delirium

Football season has passed, and once again Duck fans are left pining away - worthlessly, helplessly, as the months roll by.  Sure, we can watch basketball and baseball - and even try to claim they are as good as football because they’re “different” - but we’re just kidding ourselves.  The thoughts of a successful season play in a football fan’s brain like that tune you can’t forget no matter how hard you try; memories of four months of testosterone-charged passion laced with alcohol consumption and thrilling victories rise to overpower the heavy, painful months entrenching the offseason.

Football season under utilizes, among many things, this bus.

As Ducks, we aren’t privy to the thought of being withheld from Autzen Stadium, the Moshovsky Center and the senseless mayhem that accompanies football season.  Basketball season is fun, but no one gets into it as much as football, and the “getting into it” is part of the fun.  For football, everyone as far as the eye can see is doused in green and yellow - or whatever color we decide to wear that week.  Some of us dress like lunatics and others wear the casual two-tone polo, but we all have one thing on our minds: “FOOTBALL!”

Only football or the circus can surface outfits like these.

Soon, we get a bit of a teaser called the spring game; our favorite players will hit the field then leave for the day three plays later.  We will be left with bitter frustration from the anxious weight and exquisite memories of seasons past…what could have been…and dreams of what could come to be.  We Duck fans – and football fans everywhere – live for the four months of the year that interrupt everything we do and satisfy our entire sense of self.  We are crazy.  We are football fans.  We are Oregon.

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