Potential Upset Relies on Kazemi

The Louisville Cardinals versus the Oregon Ducks…there is no doubt that the battle of the birds is a highly anticipated matchup.  All of the sports media outlets laud the pace and press with which both teams play, and Louisville’s full-court press could well be a road bump for our high-flying Ducks.  Another thing the major sports news providers harp about is Arsalan Kazemi,

Kazemi is Oregon’s 5-hour Energy!
© 2013 Gary Breedlove Photography

Oregon has an uphill battle in this game.  Louisville’s potent press and ability to create turnovers doesn’t mesh well for the Ducks, who led the Pac-12 in turnovers.  The Ducks have a plethora of options on the offensive end of the court.  This makes Kazemi the X-factor since he is Oregon’s only really dominant rebounder.  His rebound ability will prove more important than any other player’s role on the Oregon team.

Kazemi’s ability to grab rebounds and steals pumps up the team, and national analysts have noticed his hard-working play.  While an upset of Louisville is surely a daunting task, some individuals think that Oregon stands a chance if Kazemi can dominate in the rebound category like he has done more times than not this season.  The Ducks will get a lot more chances and can mend the wounds from turnovers – which are bound to happen with a 14+ per game average this season – if Kazemi can reach the mid-teens in the rebound department.

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