Utah stops Oregon in their tracks

Oregon has had a ridiculous amount of chances to control its own destiny and win the Pac-12 this year, even a chance to at least tie for the conference title.  Utah put all those opportunities to rest today as they beat Oregon 72-62.  This is slightly shocking as Utah is one of the worst teams in the conference.

The Ducks’ season has been one of extreme highs and extreme lows.  When they won, they did it in bunches; when they lost, they did it in bunches.  Nothing went right for Oregon today as only two players scored double digits.  E.J. Singler led all scorers with 21 points and Tony Woods added another 13.  All of the other stats are either not worth mentioning, or are worth mentioning for all the wrong reasons, so we won’t go there.

For the Utes, Jason Washburn was the leading scorer with 20 points.  Jarred DuBois added another 15 points with Jordan Loveridge and Brandon Tayler putting up 14 apiece.

Overall, Oregon has had a successful season and done better than many gave them credit for before the season started.  The Ducks will get a shot at redemption in the Pac-12 tournament  and hope to bolster their resume to get an invitation to the big dance.


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