Comparing Ducks to South Park Characters

People love to compare current college football players to NFL stars, but really that is just speculation.  Comparing players to other people is a more accurate observation and a hell of a lot more fun.  I figure I would compare some current Oregon football players to – none other than – the characters of South Park.

Marcus Mariota – Stan Marsh

Stan Marsh is one of the only moral, sane and realistic characters on South Park.  Unscathed by mountains in his path and determined to be the best he can be, Stan is often the hero of the episode, leading his friends out of tough situations and saving the day.  Mariota is the Stan of this team.  He is shy to the media, always improving himself and an example to those around him.  Mariota, like Stan, is young and has all the potential in the world.

Photo by Kevin Cline Photography

T-Mitch and Cartman have at least one thing in common: they don’t take crap from anyone.

Terrance Mitchell – Eric Cartman

I’m not trying to say that Mitchell is conniving, selfish, chubby or mean, I am just saying that he never turns down a good smack-talking… in fact he often starts it.  It’s not a bad thing – having a competitive nature and taking every play personally – I’m just saying it’s a quality that separates his personality from others.  Similar to Cartman, T-Mitch wears his heart on his sleeve and any insult is a direct threat and won’t be left in purgatory.

DeAnthony Thomas - Butters

A perfect comparison if you ask me.  Thomas is kind, innocent and never shies away from helping a fellow being.  Just like Butters.  You can never be mad at either.  If they make a mistake you know it was only with the best intentions.  Need a best friend or a shoulder to cry on?  Both are as sweet and caring as can be.

Feature Photo by Kevin Cline Photography


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